Monday, March 23, 2015

My Name is (not) You, but Someday Soon..

So much classiness. via 
While i love linking you to free music, it's always good to remember that: it's crucial to buy this amazing music as well. Artists need to they can keep making music, of course!! So feed them, the poor incredible people. This is a band that must eat..because. If you don't think so, may just be..wrong.

Check out "Fortunate Ones" which is the first song i heard and immediately thought it was more than enjoyable. Once i decided to buy their full-length record, my heart just..was going to say "melts," but i feel that cliché won't do it justice, so my heart actually falls, cracks and shatters into tiny pieces in a happy and understanding heap when i hear "One Good Reason."

Why is this duo so far up on my list of best duo's ever? Maybe it's the harmonies and honest lyrics. Maybe it's the indie and folksy sounds. Maybe it's the..plain, sweet accented (she's from Scotland!) talentful (yes, here that's a word) little group whoM i got to meet while they were backing up Joshua Radin on his tour. Please, dive into My Name Is You, they need your support and are too incredible for words.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sugar + the Hi-lows If You Have a Sweet Tooth!

                                      Here's a happy duo!                          via
Thought it was about time for another duo! Amy Stroup or Trent Dabbs? Talented solo artists? Put 'em together and what do you think you'll get? Pure fun and games..with something sweet! These two know how to make you smile, that's for sure.

This duo likes the "oldie" sound and pull it off fantastically. Maybe some elements of the popular She & Him, but i like these two better. They've got a sort of old rock-pop sound, that works well with their voices. Take a listen over at my favorite site, NoiseTrade of course!

If you know these two separately, then you know that they stand out from among other vocalists..what's so neat, is that together they still sound s0 great and complement each other just right. Give "Two Day High" a listen to find out what i mean. For me, Sugar + the Hi-lows is just what one needs for a pick-me-up (if people still say that?). Please go give 'em a hand with some 'likes', and why not dance while you're at it?!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Can't Even.. Carousel!!

  Music you can do anything to-- happy chilling          via
And now for something completely different. Lookin' for something to dance to? Hang out to? Drive/wash the dishes/vacuum/pack/travel/dance/sing/bang the steering wheel to? You've found it.

These guys come from California, and while these guys have more than 10K 'likes' on facebook...they're not on the top 40 yet and it's killing me. These guys have a "chill" sound and it's just too groovy to pass up!

Carousel's song "Another Day" is quite the jam and will introduce you well to the group. However, i first heard them through a remix of their song called "Let's Go Home" by Sound Remedy. What a choon my friends. But look these guys up please. Support as much as you can, they'd appreciate it and i'm hopeful for a new album this year!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hm? What Was That? Hem!

                            Some twang, but it fits well!                               via
Well, reader, as you can see from my previous post...i'm coming at this sight from a different angle. i Don't want to bore you, but i've got to tell you!! There are so many artists out there that deserve more attention, and i want to give you the band name, a song to find, and the link to find out more. Exploring music is what i love, so join me!

Some more pretty vocals for ya' in this post! Hem's album Funnel Cloud is a good one with some sort of a country and folk sound. They've got some twang, but with the harmonies and smooth vocals it works nicely! Check out the song "Not California" to find out what i'm talking about.. Great tune, but....makes me sad because CA is my home, and everywhere else i can blare this song...ahem. Enough about that.

So please, these guys need some help over at the Hem page! And, enjoy a li'l bit of countray!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meager Fare is Far from a Meager Sound!

                                  Pleasant folk, who are more than pleasant!                   via
Please excuse the Serious Lag in my postage... However, while i've been away...holy shmokes,
have i got some tUnes to share! Coming from near where i'm finishing my undergrad life, is yet another good ol' find on NoiseTrade!

Welcome in some pleasant acoustic and folk sounds with Meager Fare's EP. Pretty sure that banjo is scattered in these guys' music, and it's just fine. Great harmonies too, that might make me want to sway and sing along with a smile.

When i was finishing up Summer '13, i couldn't stop giving "Alibi" a listen.. And, i participated in a give-away and won!! They were so nice and went out of their way to make sure i got my free TEE! Anyway, these guys deserve some more attention like crazy. Please go give them a 'LIKE' on that facebook page, and listen (and maybe sway?) away!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Wayfarer (Pacific Gold) Away from The Begging Sea

               Hymns with a twist!           via
So guys, you remember how Sherwood broke up and we were all crushed? Well, the good news is that the tunes go on!! It is survived by Dan's project Wayfarer (now called Pacific Gold) and Nate's project called The Begging Sea. Quite different from each other, but please check them both out!

For Wayfarer, it's about taking old hymns and such, and putting a new twist on them. It's an experience and one you don't want to miss out on Try the rendition of "Alas and Did My Savior Bleed?" and see how the tune is a good bit different...but, the words haven't changed!

Of course, the familiar vocals of half of Sherwood are there and fit well in the new melodies of the old classic. Some hymns are a tad rock sounding, but others can be a lot more soft or folk sounding. There's something about hymns that i like, but these new sounds make them work even better. Please go explore, and worship with him!
           An emotional ride begins...     via
Meanwhile on the open seas, Nate's band also has free, melodious music swimming around. A music video of' the song "Lightly Stepping" is a great representation of his sound. However, heh, as you might have seen if you clicked that link..there's much more.

Nate's vocals come through powerfully and take the listener on an emotional ride that might just force misty eyes. Some songs seem to have that Sherwood influence and it makes me smile and wish for the olden days. But that is the past and we have to move on...while occasionally clicking play on some classic Sherwood. Ahah.

Anyway, please enjoy and share! Both of these talented guys really need the attention and deserves a lot more as neither of the facebook pages have reached 2,000 yet!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

[A Little] Pop But More Than jake Jess Penner

                                   A pretty and Classy one!                                             via
Time for another pretty lady voice. What's that? You're doubting me? Well shuckidarns, go download her second album then! Fine! It's called Growing In the Cold and of course it's free, but..i mean really, can't you tell Tipping her wouldn't be too much to ask?

Jess Penner is just.. Plain Classy! Although different and a little less pop-ish, her first full-length album (Love, Love, Love) is still a great listen, but if you like the NoiseTrade option more, that's fine too. i Can't decide what i like better, but if i had to pick i guess it would be the Cold one...because, i like..the cold and the poppy-ness of it but, i'm weird and i digress.

She has a loverly voice that combines well with the synthesizers, chimes, acoustic guitar, light drum beats, and whatever else is goin' on! But seriously, check Jess Penner out please, and thank Hawaii they let her settle in California to create some tunes! Plus, it turns out her mom makes Saturday Waffles-- a vital key to being successful in life..i know.