Saturday, May 2, 2015

i Wouldn't Mind Having These (The) Inlaws!

Lookin' all right!! 
Let me start with a few questions. It's ok, the first one should be easy: Have you heard of Steven Curtis Chapman? How about his son CALEB (no, not all caps, but his sons are in a band called Caleb? NO? Let me try again, how about Colony House (because that's what "Caleb" is called now)?!

If not, there's a young lady named Jillian Edwards. WHo married one of those sons (Will)! And, Caleb and Will and Jillian are in a band!! Yes, indeed. The news is that good.

Well, i thought it was time for a nice chill duo sound again, so there you have it. The Inlaws have quite the chill, folksy, and perfect sound. Please check 'em out and enjoy.

Personally, i like their song "Future" the best, but maybe that's because that's the first one i heard? They're all great though, please the support EP! And let's keep hoping for more tunes from such a great li'l group!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Blue of Colors (is the Best Color)

Pensive rocking out is what he do's! via
Back to a little bit of the pop/rock side of good music, Blue of Colors does it all right. And i mean that, this guy do's it Right.

While using some sort of auto-tune, and slamming guitars and drums, it is the fantastic combination of it all that makes it work so flawlessly. i Get into fun lyrics like his because, it simply makes me smile. Just check out his song "Jenn's Song" and you'll see what i mean..(and maybe i relate to it too, soo, who cares!?)

Head over to the Blue of Colors facebook page and be sure and click that 'LIKE' button. Quite sure it is appreciated, and check out this guy's stellar project!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sun Rai Requires Sunglasses, in a Good Way

Jazzy Talent via
Felt it was time for something quite different again. And "different" is good.. Most of the time. Sun Rai is no exception. From Australia, he's got a sound you wouldn't expect..i'm pretty sure!

Some jazz, some pop, some indie.. = All great! And did i mention he's from Australia? Pretty nifty, indeed.

i'm trying to get more international music in my library, so if you know of somebody, please submit away here! And Sun Rai? Yes, go follow and support away! He's got quite the deal on his new EP "April Skies."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Silver Trees in a Perfect Forest

Acoustic folk pop = straight killing it    via
Thought it was time for some softer tunes. You can stop looking for some with Silver Trees. He's got a new EP out now that's completely worth the purchase, but because you may doubt me....stay on that Noisetrade link and enjoyy!!...then..go buy the new EP Fighting the Rust.

He's definitely got some pop/folk-ish sounds, but they're flawless. It frustrates me that i've taken this long to post him on here, but now that Silver Trees has a place on this here li'l blog, i'm glad.

As you probably can see from the facebook page, he needs some serious 'LIKES!!' Please, please help and support such talent. Here's to hoping for that full-length album sometime "soon!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Hubbub of Rocketboys!

                        Rock on with some Rocketboys!                     via
Here's a nice rockish noise for you! What's more? The lyrics are terrific! Just check out the appropriately titled song "The Best!" The Rocketboys are a neat group of guys I saw open for The Almost and Relient K, and it was quite the show!

This band live sounds a whole lot like their recorded selves, and that is something to be treasured today. While it may be a little harder than some of the bands that i've posted on here, give these guys a listen too!

The Rocketboys' (formerly known as Homer Hiccolm & the Rocketboys) Facebook profile deserves some attention for sure, so please go help 'em out! i Know they'd appreciate it. And, rock a little with some good music!

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Name is (not) You, but Someday Soon..

So much classiness. via 
While i love linking you to free music, it's always good to remember that: it's crucial to buy this amazing music as well. Artists need to they can keep making music, of course!! So feed them, the poor incredible people. This is a band that must eat..because. If you don't think so, may just be..wrong.

Check out "Fortunate Ones" which is the first song i heard and immediately thought it was more than enjoyable. Once i decided to buy their full-length record, my heart just..was going to say "melts," but i feel that cliché won't do it justice, so my heart actually falls, cracks and shatters into tiny pieces in a happy and understanding heap when i hear "One Good Reason."

Why is this duo so far up on my list of best duo's ever? Maybe it's the harmonies and honest lyrics. Maybe it's the indie and folksy sounds. Maybe it's the..plain, sweet accented (she's from Scotland!) talentful (yes, here that's a word) little group whoM i got to meet while they were backing up Joshua Radin on his tour. Please, dive into My Name Is You, they need your support and are too incredible for words.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sugar + the Hi-lows If You Have a Sweet Tooth!

                                      Here's a happy duo!                          via
Thought it was about time for another duo! Amy Stroup or Trent Dabbs? Talented solo artists? Put 'em together and what do you think you'll get? Pure fun and games..with something sweet! These two know how to make you smile, that's for sure.

This duo likes the "oldie" sound and pull it off fantastically. Maybe some elements of the popular She & Him, but i like these two better. They've got a sort of old rock-pop sound, that works well with their voices. Take a listen over at my favorite site, NoiseTrade of course!

If you know these two separately, then you know that they stand out from among other vocalists..what's so neat, is that together they still sound s0 great and complement each other just right. Give "Two Day High" a listen to find out what i mean. For me, Sugar + the Hi-lows is just what one needs for a pick-me-up (if people still say that?). Please go give 'em a hand with some 'likes', and why not dance while you're at it?!