Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Series #3: William Fitzsimmons


I wish I didn't worry toomuch about word counts and so on because this man...what can be said in a short post about a guy that encouraged me with his art to consider a career in counseling?

 If that doesn't hype you up to listen to some sad/amazing songs...I'm not sure what will. 

Definitely of the mellow genre, Fitzsimmons writes incredibly raw. He's so good I put him in my top three artists of all time. So give him a listen, quick. 

His Christmas EP is a mix of covers and originals that you need to put in your earholes. Also quick. My favorite song from the EP is "Will Christmas Come for Me (O Child of God)" and I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me every year I open it back up. 

As a dear friend said, "I love how musically it is with minimal instrumentation..." I'm telling you and so is my friend, listen to him. He won't ever disappoint and his newest album comes out in the new year. 2021 does have a lot of pressure on it, but this will certainly help alleviate the pressure. 

Merry Christmas!!!

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