Saturday, July 31, 2021

This Is How Great Aaron Espe Is


He is unbelievable...and covered the song.

    This is how great Aaron Espe is. I was introduced to him by an old crush that first shared the song "Hope in a Maybe" with me. I'm pretty sure she was 110% positive I was "The One" for her, and that song honestly gave me a lot to ponder..when she shared it, and the day after Christmas when I got an email from her saying she didn't want to contact me anymore. His music helps me calm down, think clearer, and remember I'm not alone.

    Now to add more reasons why this guy just rocks (in a whisper-rock, chill, acoustic, singer/songwriter way). He is so intentional with his fans (answering fan email..what in the world.). He writes about his life. His genuineness/rawness comes through with every blog post and each song. It's not just music, it's a look into an independent artist's life who is making it his mission to care for his family and himself and share his talent with the world. 

    Go give 'im a listen, and consider subscribing on Bandcamp for as low as $5 a month. If you don't wanna' do that, listen to or buy his stuff on that website so he can actually profit from you supporting him. As much as I love Apple Music/Spotify, they're fatally flawed because they hardly support their artists.

    I for one cannot wait for this concept album coming out s00n, and I hope you join me in supporting this guy. He is something else.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Christmas Series #6: Jillian Edwards

With the tumultuous beginning to this year, and with my birthday right around the corner...I bring some good cheer. This singer is one of Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter-inlaws and she's just..what we need.

This lady will always be in my top three female vocalists. I found her surfing the, back at the end of Summer '09. Her music has only become deeper, and her talent shines bright in it all.

I referenced her with this old blog post, but I need to talk about her own stuff. 

The song that really got me was this "Nonfiction Love Song," but it only was uphill from there. 

"Hurry upp!! Get to some Christmas." Ok ok, here we go. Well, actually, if you clicked that link you'll find her Facebook page and lives the one mentioned above. Listen, she's friends with Ellie Holcomb, so why not just take my word for it and go support her! 

Their side project together is pure..perfection. 

I love her Christmas music, and her whole EP is great. Of course though, her original songs are SAHLLID. 

"All My Christmases" is that kind of foot-tapping sugary sweetness you want around this time of year. No matter how different it is this year, it's still Christmas. Nobody can stop it. It comes quicker every year, they say. So put on some Jillian Edwards and sit back and sip something warm. 

Merry Christmas!!!!!! And Happy New Year!