Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Expertise of One eskimO

                        They're simple and quirky!                         via
Ah, so peaceful. That's what could be said about this group. If you want something to fall asleep to, but still want that definite indie noise, you've found 'em! i Found these guys by searching on Amazon and getting their self-titled first album for $5 and immediately liking it. They have a simple and quirky sound, and as they're from the UK they stand out among other artists.

i Decided to post this picture because it really captures this kind of fantasy land they attempt to bring you to, especially if you watch 'The Adventures of One eskimO.' When they released their debut album, it wasn't long after that they decided to do a 10-part animated film to accompany the record..

Basically, it is so cool and just plain cute, i'm sure you'd enjoy these Adventures. The song featured in that first episode is "Astronauts" and was actually the first song i heard. It was an immediate favorite for me, so please go take a listen.

Their sound can vary from being quiet acoustic guitar, to piano, to electronic synthesizers and slow beats on some drums. Whatever the sound is on a particular song, i hope you take a liking to this foreign music and seek out more! One eskimO only have one LP and an EP or two, but we eager fans have high hopes for this year!

In the meantime, go look up this little group! Just don't if you're trying to finish some project; you might not want to be productive at all, and you might realize, "It's a funny old world, full of headaches in turn..."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

States Put You In a Great State

                                       States are ready to rock!                                   via
Copeland... Lydia... If you have finished heaving sighs of sadness about those two celebrated names, or at least one of them, you can continue reading. If you haven't heard of those two bands, well, i guess the bright side is that you didn't ever feel any remorse for either band when they broke up.

Basically, how States was formed was that when these two ended, two guitarists from Copeland met up with Mindy White from Lydia and the result is..(can't resist) Stately!! Think kinda' rock-ish with apparent indie-infusion throughout for understanding their sound. Fuzzy electric and pure electric guitar is all over this band, with drums casually smashing quite a bit in the background.

If you don't know anything about the White's singing power, well it's time to be acquainted! If you're into bands with strong female leads, you've found your favorite indie band without a doubt. She is unique and can hit those higher notes quite well. If you want to listen to softer songs, look up their EP (it's around it's just hard to find, try!) which i think is really good!

However, if you're desperate for tunes right now and you're ready to rock (so to speak), their album is Room to Run and i hope you'll find there is not only plenty of room to do just that, but to jump around and have a good time as well! While these guys have several 'likes' on the old social media hub that no one uses (facebook), they need the support like Hey Ocean! because they're that good and deserve more fans!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

These Bro's in BROTHERUN!

                                  BROTHERUN is all about chilling and fun!                                        via

Wait, how in the world did i find these guys (brothers to be exact), let alone pronounce their name?! Well shucks, i wish i could give you straightforward answers to both... i Think i found SPELLS on or and enjoyed it, so i followed up with it and it turns out that guy has a got a brother who is also into tunes.

They had a Kickstarter project goin' on and i jumped in. It was worth it, to say the least. As to how to pronounce their name, i'm still trying to figure it out a bit...but it's possible it's the same concept as the word brethren but with an o and an un sound?..hopefully that's not way off. (Edit: BROTHERUN told me, on facebook, that it is in fact brother run!)

There are so many components to these guys it's hard to know where to start. Harmonies might be a good place. Both of their vocals meld together really well making it quite, relaxing, to listen to! Their music can be very calm or a little upbeat but still maintaining that reflective sort of sound. Their lyrics are certainly contemplative as well and this is always welcome when you know nothing about some group.

Overall, this little band of brothers is all about chilling and having fun. They've got some electric guitar, electronic synthesizers, ambient sounds, and more. i Really encourage you to check out these guys and be on the lookout for their EP which has not had a wide release yet sadly (unless you were apart of their Kickstarter)..but write on their wall, 'like' them, something is bound to happen soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Minute Review of the Best Little & Ashley

                      L&A are just right!                               via
So, i'm sure you've heard of Amazon's Kindle, and seen those funny commercials which are normally in stop-motion...does the one on the left look a little familiar? Guess who that is?! Annie Little (now Ashley) who also sings on a lot of the advertisements for the Kindle! Her husband Marcus Ashley, pictured next to her (yes, he's a fortunate man..), also produces the songs with her and they have a sound which can light up any room.

Little & Ashley is a duo fit for kings and queens. Look up the words "cheerful" and "flair" in a dictionary and i'm pretty sure you'll find, "See 'Little & Ashley'" as proof this pair is a synonym of both words. The vocals are nothing short of just right and the instruments chosen are broad, as i'm sure you know if you've seen any of the commercials. Their sound ranges from soft synth beats and loops, to electric guitar rockin' out like in "Thousand Falling Stars" (Hint: no cost, free...)

In recent news, these two are parents! & they have a full length album coming out sooon!! i Know, too much to handle. i'm still trying to contain myself. In addition, this li'l group of merry but busy people are talented actors as well and have been in several commercials (not including Amazon), TV shows, and movies. To learn more, watch this video about their lives together.

i Had the huge pleasure of meeting them (couldn't go see them at their show not being 21 at the time, which stunk royally), and they are the most humble and nice individuals. So, go check these two out and 'like' them as their facebook numbers are too low (less than 3.5K) and start enjoying the best duo that ever was!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lot More to Just Jonathan Jones.
           J. Jones, the face of Talent                  via

Waking Ashland, We Shot The Moon, and his own solo stuff! This man plays the musics and knows what it's all about! Multi-instrumentalist including the piano and guitar, "Talent" is basically his middle name. The two bands listed above are both projects he was/is the lead singer of and does quite a superb job at it. If you haven't heard of Waking Ashland, sadly that band broke up, but never fear because We Shot The Moon (WSTM) is still kickin' it (new album out March 5!!), as well as Jones himself is churning out tunes on his own.

To be fair, WSTM has more of an alternative rock sort of sound. With that being said, i have to explain why this guy is on my site if his band's sound isn't too much indie.. Here's the kicker: The fact that he isn't well known makes him way indie! More importantly, his newest solo album Community Group sounds very much like an indie record and it's terrific, so please give it a listen!

As i've already explained, he is incredibly talented and it doesn't take a genius to realize this musician should have a lot more popularity by now. His lyrics are earthy and his sounds are addicting. Whether it's rockin' guitar riffs or slow piano ballads, it is so entertaining. Lastly, this guy is genuinely amazing at reaching his fans. i Participated in backing his Community Group project and ever since he enjoys replying to me on social media. That right there is not just a musician but someone you can call a friend. Oh, by the way, why not get some more free music: "Claim Me" by WSTM!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Striking About Jonathan Stark?
                            Stark plays a different tune                  via
Like The Novel Ideas, i've got to start with a download link to this guy's phenomenal album! Found on (so free of course), Medicine Bow is just one of those albums to put on when you're in that mood to sit back and think...or not think and just let the music pool. Granted, he's got quite a different sound to him, and it might take a few listens, but give it time! In fact, you know that coffee shop that's everywhere with the green sign and strange lady with the hair? They've certainly given him a chance and play him over their speakers! Neato, i think.

At first listen, some of his songs may seem almost flat! It is really a different tune, but that's what i love about this guy. He stands out from the crowd like crazy and that's the way i want to live my life. Well, i don't know if i'll be growing my hair out and getting inked, but i do appreciate Who this guy stands for and how his vocals are compared to other artists.

In terms of what his songs include instrumentally, it is certainly broad. There may be strings, simple acoustic guitars, melodic electric guitar riffs, chimes, to even harmonica on songs like "Comfort." Once again, i've chosen to review an artist that has less than a thousand fans on, so please go check him out, and chill out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How High on the List is Tall Bear?

                        They'll get one to Think!                                 via

Let me start by explaining it is not my intent to write about Christian artists as that would broaden this site too much. However, there are several that definitely have that "indie" sound to them and i think it's necessary to tell you about them if they don't have many fans but have plenty of potential and talent. In addition, it's important to point out that while the members of Tall Bear may be Believers, a lot of the lyrics are not explicitly Christian but get one to Think!

These two guys, naturally, have a really good sound. But, why else would i be writing about them? Mainly because they're unique with their song writing and the style of sAngin'! In talking about the latter first, the lead singer's vocals have a great range and this is something that is vital to an artist. In today's music industry, one cannot afford to sound too much like other artists as their ratings and their income will be significantly lower.

On the other hand, the Tall Bear's lyrics are profound. i Love artists that get me to not only learn the lyrics quick because they're catchy, but also when the artists write something that has the power to make me think when i'm not even listening to it! Of course the melodies and guitar riffs help, but when these other two (vocals and lyrics) are clearly so far above the average musicians and groups out there, it just..gets to me!

Please. Check out Tall Bear and their EP We Are Ships. They surprisingly have less than 200 'likes' and this saddens me. They should have at least 20 times least 70 times 7, times that measly 200.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking for a Great Idea? How 'Bout The Novel Ideas!

                         This a flawless idea                    via

Wait, what kind of idea is this? My fault, i meant, what kind of music is this? i'd love to tell you about The Novel Ideas. But, before we just dive right in, you know, head first and start swimming around with this idea, what if i propose an even better idea. Go download (for FREE, naturally) or stream their entire album Home right now. Good plan? i Thought so.

All right, enough of the silly, lame jokes about their obviously brilliant name.. This band does not have many fans at all according to the numbers on that unknown social media site called "facebook," only over a thousand likes. Bands like this blow my mind because they're extremely talented, yet not many people know about them! In terms of their sound, they have changed a good bit including their lineup, but like Hey Ocean!, this sound is better than ever. 

There is a bit of country twang on some songs, casually thrown in here and there, but please. Please do not get terrified when i say "country," i'm not huge on that genre either but what this band is, is really "folk!" Definitely a great sound with superb lyrics. 

What is also neat, is that the main members of the band all sing! If you're looking for an energized track check out "Promise" (the lyrics hit oddly&sadly quite close to home personally) and if you want a quieter one, have a listen to "Back and Forth." All in all, i hope you can help me, help them, tell the world about these talented souls. They know how to do "the musics!"