Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking for a Great Idea? How 'Bout The Novel Ideas!

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Wait, what kind of idea is this? My fault, i meant, what kind of music is this? i'd love to tell you about The Novel Ideas. But, before we just dive right in, you know, head first and start swimming around with this idea, what if i propose an even better idea. Go download (for FREE, naturally) or stream their entire album Home right now. Good plan? i Thought so.

All right, enough of the silly, lame jokes about their obviously brilliant name.. This band does not have many fans at all according to the numbers on that unknown social media site called "facebook," only over a thousand likes. Bands like this blow my mind because they're extremely talented, yet not many people know about them! In terms of their sound, they have changed a good bit including their lineup, but like Hey Ocean!, this sound is better than ever. 

There is a bit of country twang on some songs, casually thrown in here and there, but please. Please do not get terrified when i say "country," i'm not huge on that genre either but what this band is, is really "folk!" Definitely a great sound with superb lyrics. 

What is also neat, is that the main members of the band all sing! If you're looking for an energized track check out "Promise" (the lyrics hit oddly&sadly quite close to home personally) and if you want a quieter one, have a listen to "Back and Forth." All in all, i hope you can help me, help them, tell the world about these talented souls. They know how to do "the musics!"


  1. A free album!? I love the sound of that! I went onto YouTube and listened to the band and loved their sound. I really like the fact that they have a male & female singer.

    1. Thank you TONS! This makes me so happy! (Side note: For some reason i feel like you'd like Hey Ocean! better, but maybe not and you like "countray"/folk music?!) Anyway, thanks so much Brandi and i'm sure they'd greatly appreciate you spreading the news!

  2. I like what I've heard from them so far too; maybe I need to listen to some more Novel... thnx


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