Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wishing to Travel to the The Gray Havens

                            Their sound is just put Together!                      via
Another duo?? Pretty dang much friends! And there's even more good news. Wait what?! More good news you say? Affirmative. Their EP Where Eyes Don't Go is FREE. So hurry over, go download and dance away..or not...and read this instead.

Now i have to be honest in saying: if you're looking for a duo with a perfect balance of the girl and guy singing, The Gray Havens has more of the guy's voice. However, you can hear harmonies in a few songs, and vocals in the verses of a song with the prettier one (well, come on now, i am quite Straight and she is fine am i right??) in a song called "Let's Get Married." It's soo...cheerful!

Their sound though is so, put Together. In fact, the guy, Dave, kinda' reminds me of Jeff Carl at times! So if you liked him, check these two out as well! They can be acoustic, piano, horns, ukelele, cymbals, etc.!! It can sorta' be all over the place, in a grand way!

In closing, their name is a cool story and you can read about it on their webpage at! Hint: Thoughts of Lord of the Rings is not too far off! Haha..

So yeah, another wife and husband duo, but i think i can't get enough of those, so get used to it (Nono, don't worry i'll continue to review other obscure ones but i like the idea of a husband/wife duet because well..maybe i'm just hoping for that in the future...ahh).


  1. This is awesome Theo! I was just looking at the name of this group and remembered that you were talking about them in our Tolkien class! :D

  2. Another great find that Colby and I are downloading!! Thanks Theo!!


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