Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Sharp Twin Forks

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First off, does that guy with the acoustic and the hair and the tatts look a tad familiar? If not, do the lyrics, "Vindicated, i am selfish i am wrong, I am right I swear I'm right...!" ring any bells? If not, does the band Dashboard Confessional sound familiar?! If can stop reading. If you want..

i Guess we can kinda' sorta' maybe pretend you haven't heard of DC, but i'm feeling immensely sorry for you right now if you haven't heard of them. Anyway, that cool dude with the acoustic is named Chris Carrabba and he's fronted several projects including Further Seems Forever, DC, and now this Twin Forks and all of its amazingness.

If you know a bit about Carrabba, you'd know why this is such a brilliant li'l gig. He's moved from harder rock, to emo/acoustic tunes and now to folk!

Basically, to sum up this group, think emotional-power-indie! They've got the mandolin, guitar, harmonies and drums bangin' around! Why I say "emotional" is an excellent question and it can be answered by explaining how these guys are set apart from the others out there. When Carrabba sings, you can hear (and feel!) his passion. It's what i love about his singing capabilities.

If you like some folk with emotion, you've found the stinkin' band! Here's the bad news, there's only two songs out right now! Good news: One of them is free and called "Scraping Up the Pieces." Plus, new music is coming out "soon" so all we've gotta' do is...wait and,..cry. But, pleease go enjoy and 'like' them, because they need the support and deserve worlds more of attention.

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  1. I love folk music, but I have a hard time finding any. Thanks for the post and also the helpful page at the top with tips and links.


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