Friday, March 7, 2014

Hm? What Was That? Hem!

                            Some twang, but it fits well!                               via
Well, reader, as you can see from my previous post...i'm coming at this sight from a different angle. i Don't want to bore you, but i've got to tell you!! There are so many artists out there that deserve more attention, and i want to give you the band name, a song to find, and the link to find out more. Exploring music is what i love, so join me!

Some more pretty vocals for ya' in this post! Hem's album Funnel Cloud is a good one with some sort of a country and folk sound. They've got some twang, but with the harmonies and smooth vocals it works nicely! Check out the song "Not California" to find out what i'm talking about.. Great tune, but....makes me sad because CA is my home, and everywhere else i can blare this song...ahem. Enough about that.

So please, these guys need some help over at the Hem page! And, enjoy a li'l bit of countray!

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