Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Nodaway to Music! Chris Jobe

Maybe I'm just in a Summer mood, but it's a good mood, overall. Great music to be had, that is for sure. Especially when it comes to these guys known as Nodaway!

If you like Walk the Moon (WtM), you've found the band that needs to tour with them....a few months ago. When I read that it was for "fans of WtM" I was extremely skeptical, trust me. I enjoy WtM and think they can't be copied in the least, but Nodaway has hunted that unique sound and made it GREAT, again.

Just listen to "Lonely" and tell me it's not got that fun sound that is toomuch happy, in the best way. Please go 'LIKE' these folks called Nodaway and pay attention! They're liable to release some new amazingness that you may miss!

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