Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Heard of Brady Alan? Tell Your Friends and Your Mom!

This guy. Oh, what can you say? When you're proud to call him a friend, and he's just dropped a full-length album? 

Not convincing yet? Let me try again. This guy. He records, mixes, produces, and writes all of his own material. Sometimes even in that order!! Well, maybe not exactly. But still shreds on multi-different-instrumentations. He just knows how to do shtuff

Let's see here. Some of his songs might cause you to think of John Mayer (a major influence to Brady), or a different singer-songwriter that's in that vast (confusing) category. While other genius work might encourage you to think of bands like Two Door Cinema Club or Vampire Weekend. And maybe Electropop, and bedroom pop too? Or just simply, "Pop," whatever that is today. 

Honestly, if you're trying to categorize this man and put him in a box, pick someone else to hit play on. He's got funny songs, fun songs, cool songs, chill songs, quiet acoustic songs, loud electric songs, happy songs, and (my favorite) sad songs. 

Brady Alan you say? Yes, I say. Go give this dude a listen. He lives in Nashville with a host of people, but sure stands out (and shines) among 'em. His newest work is my favorite, and you can hear the effort and passion in it. Have fun, and keep listening!

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