Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How High on the List is Tall Bear?

                        They'll get one to Think!                                 via

Let me start by explaining it is not my intent to write about Christian artists as that would broaden this site too much. However, there are several that definitely have that "indie" sound to them and i think it's necessary to tell you about them if they don't have many fans but have plenty of potential and talent. In addition, it's important to point out that while the members of Tall Bear may be Believers, a lot of the lyrics are not explicitly Christian but get one to Think!

These two guys, naturally, have a really good sound. But, why else would i be writing about them? Mainly because they're unique with their song writing and the style of sAngin'! In talking about the latter first, the lead singer's vocals have a great range and this is something that is vital to an artist. In today's music industry, one cannot afford to sound too much like other artists as their ratings and their income will be significantly lower.

On the other hand, the Tall Bear's lyrics are profound. i Love artists that get me to not only learn the lyrics quick because they're catchy, but also when the artists write something that has the power to make me think when i'm not even listening to it! Of course the melodies and guitar riffs help, but when these other two (vocals and lyrics) are clearly so far above the average musicians and groups out there, it just..gets to me!

Please. Check out Tall Bear and their EP We Are Ships. They surprisingly have less than 200 'likes' and this saddens me. They should have at least 20 times least 70 times 7, times that measly 200.

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