Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Say Hi to The Oh Hello's!

        They know the direction they're headed in!            via
Hey! Er..hello! Hope you can check these two out real soon, Over at, hit up their free album and EP!! Sound good? Their first full-length is called Through the Deep, Dark Valley and if you don't want to download, just stream away as you read!

These two are brother and sister, come from Texas, and it's easy to tell they find great glee in making music together. In looking for a bio about them, that's about all i could find, but the music is what's important! Right? So on to it!

It's straightforward that these two are quite certain of the direction their headed in with their sound.  They've got the "indie" part down to a science and definitely have some folk-rock in there as well.

Instruments can include the guitar, naturally, but the banjo, accordion, and even viola can be found throughout their music. What's neat is, they claim that Irish music has played a role in their influences and that can really be seen! How many bands do you know that use That in their style?!

All this to stay.. The Oh Hello's are diverse with their slow-lullaby-fast-rock-folk-indie-ness and you should take a listen! The vocals can get one jazzed up or calm one down so well it's..beautiful. Please go say hello to these talented kids, they've earned a whole lot more publicity (even if they have surpassed 10K 'likes' in a few months)!

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