Sunday, April 7, 2013

While En Route, Why Not Doing a Paper Route?

             They have your electronic rock jams down pat!              via
Yowch, here's a Band!! Looking for indie, exciting, electronic rock jams, maybe a little similar to States, minus the female vocals? i Think, i may be way off, but i'm pretty sure Paper Route is your go-to group.

They're making music in Nashville (like a lot of musicians), but these guys stand out in the mix of them all. Are they a little to popular to be on this site with just over 20K 'likes'? *sigh* Maybe.. However, are they unique and still not getting fame? Oh yes.

This band's sound can be quite diverse with all that's goin' on! i've mentioned its electronic element, but it's more than that. Much more. Mainly because there is an abundance of strings, guitar, drums, synth, piano, some sort of chimes/bells, and i'm probably just touching first base for what goes on in these tunes!

All in all, they've got such a powerful/packed-full sound! Sometimes it can be somewhat ambient with the electronic bits with piano, and other times it can be more of a rockish sound but almost poppy in a way! Real unique, if you can't tell already.

Well, i've posted their facebook link, so go for it! Their newest album, The Peace of Wild Things is only $6.99 and if you want to stream something right now, check out "Better Life" and..bob your head.. Or something! Just, be introduced to another great indie band who has my hopes up high!

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