Sunday, June 30, 2013

[A Little] Pop But More Than jake Jess Penner

                                   A pretty and Classy one!                                             via
Time for another pretty lady voice. What's that? You're doubting me? Well shuckidarns, go download her second album then! Fine! It's called Growing In the Cold and of course it's free, but..i mean really, can't you tell Tipping her wouldn't be too much to ask?

Jess Penner is just.. Plain Classy! Although different and a little less pop-ish, her first full-length album (Love, Love, Love) is still a great listen, but if you like the NoiseTrade option more, that's fine too. i Can't decide what i like better, but if i had to pick i guess it would be the Cold one...because, i like..the cold and the poppy-ness of it but, i'm weird and i digress.

She has a loverly voice that combines well with the synthesizers, chimes, acoustic guitar, light drum beats, and whatever else is goin' on! But seriously, check Jess Penner out please, and thank Hawaii they let her settle in California to create some tunes! Plus, it turns out her mom makes Saturday Waffles-- a vital key to being successful in life..i know.

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