Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If Feeling Alone, Just Remember We Are Lonesome Animals

                           Such a Lovely sound!                              via
Sorry about the inactivity friends! Shuckidarns..getting caught up in Summer. Needed to help you all out though so here's Somethang! Well...i was hoping i'd have more info on these lovely subjects. It's crazy how secretive this group is!! Next to impossible to find pictures, bio, let alone names! For starters, i know they work with William Fitzsimmons, or did in the past.

Especially for this album, Soft Light, he had a pretty big hand in it i'm pretty sure. In other words, if you like that Fitzsimmons but would like a female version..holy..shmokes. Have you found it!

Frankly, the only reason i know of these pretty mellow voices and sounds is because of Fitzsimmons! If it weren't for him...whew. Don't know how long it'd be before i'd hear of them, let alone find them online! Lonesome Animals don't even have a standard facebook page if you look at the URL. Naturally, not having much out there on the World Wide Web, their 'likes' are Far from where they should be!

Think of it as more of that stuff to just..relax to. Go to sleep to, lie to and hope you don't fall asleep during, or any number of activities..ahem. It can be sorta' folk, with an ambient touch most likely as well. Tuneage. That's what it is.

Their excuse for not going on tour yet is needing somebody to take care of their plants?! Shoot..i'd be more than honored and Thrilled to do that if i could meet them and attend a show! Please take a listen and...take it Easy.

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