Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enjoying Carefree Jeff Carl

                           He's just plain smooth and content-like               via
Ah, here's a character. A friend of mine introduced me to this guy and i took an immediate liking to him. In talking about the music that comes from this talented man, my friend said, "Every time i listen to Jeff Carl i can't help but be in a happy mood; i just love to sing along with his music."

That about sums it up for this talented one. But in terms of his sound, i personally would describe it as just plain smooth and content-like. He's a multi-instrumentalist for sure playing keys and guitar!

To top it, he's got an amazing range! His vocals can be quite low and almost kind of a quiet talking, but then can be a kind of high pitched "Ooh!" sound. These two fit together like finding the last puzzle piece and putting it in.

i'm pretty sure the first song i heard by this guy, and the the one that exemplifies his talent best, is "I'll Be Gone Tomorrow." i Extremely encourage you all to check that out as well as the rest of the EP which is.... FREE! So please, go to Jeff Carl's facebook page and 'like' him. His lyrics, sound, and overall remarkableness make this guy a Real indie champ!

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  1. This is awesome! :D I really like this- it was a great surprise... I wasn't expecting it to sound this amazing. Thanks Theo!


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