Sunday, May 26, 2013

You Haven't Heard of The Likes Of Us?!

                 It's an over the moon sound!           via
Guess what time it is? Oh yes. Gotta' love these dynamic duos right?! i Know, i know. Before i forget, head to that fantastic tune donating site and download their album "The Likes of Us." Then close this page and listen..and..wish your life was as fun as those sounds.. Oh excuse me! You can keep reading if you'd like...naturally.

On their show, i asked if they want me to say anything specific on this here site. They replied, "Hmm, good question... That we're ridiculously good looking..?" Obviously they have a great sense of humor. Of course that's far from all there is about these two.

Honestly, these two are so far up on my list of Best duos i put them up there with Little & Ashley. The Likes Of Us has got that flawlessly over the moon sound. It only makes sense as they say a big influence has been the 1940s-- a euphoric time period, i think!

Besides being filled with talent, joy, and lyrics inspired by some golden years, their songs contain quite a bit of acoustic guitar pickin'/strummin', some orchestra infusion, light drum smatterings, and more.

i Know they would appreciate your support, so believe me when i don't have to listen to samples of their music before you download that free album. It's just... Worth it! In all the meanings of that word, "worth!" Got me?

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  1. yay! I love when you find another awesome duo.... another bunch of songs i can enjoy listening to at work!

    I like their kinda "jazzy" sound they've got going on:)


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