Thursday, May 23, 2013

If Lacking Color in Life, Please See The Colourist

                   Only two songs available? Stink.                    via
From the place i was born (Orange County, CA) comes an indie group that just..blows the socks way off! A little unsure of where to begin because i'm just...way too stinkin' proud i'm from that OC!

But, more importantly, the chunes! So yeah, there's both female and male vocals that rule so much and of course some good ol' electric guitar happy strums are found all over this band. And it's kinda' rockish, but they like to call it "majestic rock." It's just..too fun and catchy.

To compare this band, one might consider Hey Ocean! or Paper Route somewhat.. But then, sometimes like in their song "Yes Yes,"States might come to mind! However, these comparisons...pretty trivial when you think about their pure talent and unique Feels!

Well folks, have to bring sad news..followed by lighter news to look out for in the future.. This band pretty much only has two songs to listen to. Stink. i Know. However, their music video is here for their song "Little Games!" Worth it why? Because you can also read an interview that's enthralling. Girl-singer+drummer FTW!!! *wink*

Although this band sounds as good as they do, of course how many 'likes' do you think they have?! Just about 5.6K! Terrible i know. Please go love, i mean 'like' The Colourist on old facebook and here's to hoping for more tunes "soon!"

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