Friday, May 17, 2013

If Thirsty for More Indie, Try [a] Mint Julep!

                       It's a nifty intermixing of sorts!                         via
ANOther duo? Well sort of! In other words, you hear pretty much solely the female vocals in this group. However, they work together to be mixer/producer/writer and her husband Keith Kenniff does a Good portion of it...he's quite the character, for the lack of a better description.

"Character" may just be perfect however because he is all over the place. Don't believe me? Go to and Explore! You'll realize quickly just how much "all over" he really is.

The sound of this particular group is a little like a mixture of States and Feather & Belle. Here's why, of course the pretty vocals connect, and then guitar or synth comes in and makes it, well. In the vocals there is a sort of echoing that occurs that give it a more electronic sound and the synths only add to this.

But, it can also be pretty wild with electric guitar and some fun crashing beats. Just go over to Keith Kenniff's Soundcloud page and listen to "Aviary"...ahah..or download it at that page as well!

(Tip: There are other free downloads all over that page! Check 'em out please! If you aren't TOO keen on some MJ, than check out his incredibly ambient and magical projects like Goldmund or Helios!)

They call it an "electronic indie rock" because of all the electric sounds that can be so prominent and the overall harder sound to the project. It's a nifty intermixing of sorts and i'm sure you'll like it! The Mint Julep facebook page is regrettably not thriving with 'likes,' so feel free and listen away!

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