Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Beauty of Feather & Belle

Feather & Belle are pretty unique, but too pretty as well.     via
Now, who are these charming, stunning, bathed in talent ladies? First the one on the right, Laura, kills the violin in multiple acts including on tour with Owl City and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The one on the left, Kelsey, sings in the Kopecky Family Band as well as Feather & Belle. i'm quite sure they have a marvelous time together making music because it is beautiful what they have created.

i Do not know of another indie group that has strings so prevalent and so powerfully intermingled with vocals. It is such a neat, clean, pure, classical's hard to find enough words to describe it! Kelsey's voice intertwines phenomenally with the violin strokes, and sometimes plucking (which i cannot get enough of)!

Despite the popularity of the other projects these two are involved in, their own duo work has not received that boost yet! They have some great songs that show their diversity and talent like "Hidden Staircase" that can be found on the right of that page.  In addition there is certainly some synthesizer, but the strings always seem to just mix in so well. Here's to hoping another album is in the oven because...they've only put out "Pockets Run Deep" and us fans are ready!

i Have personally met Laura on more than one occasion at Owl City shows and i know she is genuinely nice and such a great person all around. Although i have yet to meet Kelsey, i know if she is anything like her best friend, she is right up there on my list of "Coolest Individuals." Please check out this pair as they are just..pretty unique, but too pretty as well..!

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