Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey Ocean! Exclamation Needed!
                              They're all just sO good!                                              via

Wow, what a group. If you are into some great harmonies with male and female vocals, and poppy yet indie sounds, you have found your band! Their own name and how it is written, "Hey Ocean!" captures the essence of what these talented individuals are up to. They are another phenomenal group of talented individuals from Canada just like Michael Bubl(e), LIGHTS, and Celine Dion. The band members all sing and play at least one instrument in every song which is more than neat. If that does not tell enough about their incredible talent, Ashleigh Ball is actually a successful voice actress as well!

So why did i choose to blog on this band first? There's quite a simple answer, actually! Their new album IS was just released yesterday (Jan. 29, 2013) for Americans, and i hope it becomes all the rage. i've been listening to it on repeat and i can't find my favorite song as they're all just sO good! 

In comparison to their previous two albums, it is a significantly different sound. However, i think it is a much better and more fun type of sound and really should be checked out. If you've never heard of these guys, please check out the songs "Islands," "Give," "Make a New Dance Up," and of course their most famous which is "Big Blue Wave." Their tunes can be quite mellow, but also extremely jazzed-up and might make you want to dance..and make a new one up!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome to U!

Oh hey there, so glad you could stop by!
My name is "theo," and i am extremely into two main fields that both play huge roles on this earth where i live. They include: my Savior and music. i Can't live without either one (especially the former!), and not capitalizing my I's and spelling my name with a lower case T is a constant reminder of Who i am living for. Secondly, music and finding new tunes to listen to is something i find immensely entertaining. As my reader, i hope you are into one of these two phenomena!

(Above picture: My iTunes library holding over 13 days of music. This is where i listen to the new found "chunes," as they say in Ireland!)

This blog is all about you and keeping you up to date with those artists or groups that do not have enough recognition, but deserve a whole lot. i Absolutely cannot get enough of promoting and sharing knowledge about musicians that fall under this category of being "unknown." With that being said, please comment on my posts about groups that you like and that may remind you of the one i am reviewing, so i can get "in the know" like you! These posts will not really focus on where i found the artists or what their personal names and relationship status is, but will seek to interest you so you can go out and share the knowledge with friends. Basically, be "that guy" that knows Talent that nobody else does and gets others interested as well. Personally, i can only do some singin' and li'l bit of harmonica; therefore, i am repetitively getting my mind blown by guitar or piano riffs, strange but talented vocals, and lyrics that make me melt inside. i Am going to be focusing on predominantly Indie artists with a smattering of electronic, folk, and the incredibly large genre known in iTunes as "Singer/Songwriter." In short, this blog is all for YOU and seeks to open your mind on to a less traveled path in the vast world of music.