Sunday, May 17, 2015

With Wind in Sails You'll Go Far

It's that softer sound, with a folk-acoustic touch
When I want to share something softer, but still an indie sound, I can't help but blab about it the best way I know how. So, Wind In Sails is how you can..float along and listen to some greatness.

He is all about being genuine and real in his lyrics, and of course.. I love that. It's a softer folk-acoustic-rock sound that is just hit perfectly.

Look for the song "Heart to Focus" as the lyrics make quite a lot of sense and speak such wisdom, particularly in today's messed up society. Please go and 'Like' his facebook page and I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's Just About a Young Summer

And so, it was time for more. More classiness. More beauty on the inside and out. More fantastic earcandy! So yes, Young Summer is sweet.

While named Bobbie Allen, Young Summer is quite the moniker for this kind of pure magic. If you're looking for that indie/pop/electronic sound, but are tired of hearing guys work at have found the perfect woman. (Yes, women win, often. This one is no exception. Appropriate that i'm posting on Mother's Day? More of a fact that women just keep winning? My mom wins all the time.)

Singing with that real and raw emotion that i can't seem to get enough of, one can certainly feel it in every word sung. Something about the, realness, just resonates and hits me right in the heart. i Hope it does the same for you.

In talking about how she's on the rise and building a stronger fan base, Coachella in California certainly helped! Nono, she should have been on the lineup for Coachella, but she did support Odesza in a few songs! and that was a flawless performance that maybe (hopefully) made Zyra a little concerned?... Anyway, please, go to Young Summer's page and he'p her out! She's close to 10,000, but that's not near enough. Being on the radio more is a necessity and so many people are missing out!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

i Wouldn't Mind Having These (The) Inlaws!

Lookin' all right!! 
Let me start with a few questions. It's ok, the first one should be easy: Have you heard of Steven Curtis Chapman? How about his son CALEB (no, not all caps, but his sons are in a band called Caleb? NO? Let me try again, how about Colony House (because that's what "Caleb" is called now)?!

If not, there's a young lady named Jillian Edwards. WHo married one of those sons (Will)! And, Caleb and Will and Jillian are in a band!! Yes, indeed. The news is that good.

Well, i thought it was time for a nice chill duo sound again, so there you have it. The Inlaws have quite the chill, folksy, and perfect sound. Please check 'em out and enjoy.

Personally, i like their song "Future" the best, but maybe that's because that's the first one i heard? They're all great though, please the support EP! And let's keep hoping for more tunes from such a great li'l group!