Monday, September 2, 2013

A Wayfarer (Pacific Gold) Away from The Begging Sea

               Hymns with a twist!           via
So guys, you remember how Sherwood broke up and we were all crushed? Well, the good news is that the tunes go on!! It is survived by Dan's project Wayfarer (now called Pacific Gold) and Nate's project called The Begging Sea. Quite different from each other, but please check them both out!

For Wayfarer, it's about taking old hymns and such, and putting a new twist on them. It's an experience and one you don't want to miss out on Try the rendition of "Alas and Did My Savior Bleed?" and see how the tune is a good bit different...but, the words haven't changed!

Of course, the familiar vocals of half of Sherwood are there and fit well in the new melodies of the old classic. Some hymns are a tad rock sounding, but others can be a lot more soft or folk sounding. There's something about hymns that i like, but these new sounds make them work even better. Please go explore, and worship with him!
           An emotional ride begins...     via
Meanwhile on the open seas, Nate's band also has free, melodious music swimming around. A music video of' the song "Lightly Stepping" is a great representation of his sound. However, heh, as you might have seen if you clicked that link..there's much more.

Nate's vocals come through powerfully and take the listener on an emotional ride that might just force misty eyes. Some songs seem to have that Sherwood influence and it makes me smile and wish for the olden days. But that is the past and we have to move on...while occasionally clicking play on some classic Sherwood. Ahah.

Anyway, please enjoy and share! Both of these talented guys really need the attention and deserves a lot more as neither of the facebook pages have reached 2,000 yet!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

[A Little] Pop But More Than jake Jess Penner

                                   A pretty and Classy one!                                             via
Time for another pretty lady voice. What's that? You're doubting me? Well shuckidarns, go download her second album then! Fine! It's called Growing In the Cold and of course it's free, but..i mean really, can't you tell Tipping her wouldn't be too much to ask?

Jess Penner is just.. Plain Classy! Although different and a little less pop-ish, her first full-length album (Love, Love, Love) is still a great listen, but if you like the NoiseTrade option more, that's fine too. i Can't decide what i like better, but if i had to pick i guess it would be the Cold one...because, i like..the cold and the poppy-ness of it but, i'm weird and i digress.

She has a loverly voice that combines well with the synthesizers, chimes, acoustic guitar, light drum beats, and whatever else is goin' on! But seriously, check Jess Penner out please, and thank Hawaii they let her settle in California to create some tunes! Plus, it turns out her mom makes Saturday Waffles-- a vital key to being successful in life..i know.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bronze Radio Return Needs to Arrive on the Radio!

                      Some energetic sounds, but the Right ones!                      via
Oh this band! i Don't really want to write too much about this amazing band. i Feel you'll be able to fill it all in when you download this free sample. It's called A Bit of Bronze and it's just..too stinkin' good.

Seriously, these guys are a bigger band, but their sound! Not only banjo, but i'm talkin' harmonica too! Acoustic guitar, harmonies, crashing drums, swinging electric guitar, and on and on! What else do you need to know? That i'm hoping to see these guys live because i know it will be breathtaking?

Honestly, you've got the link to the free stuff. If you just can't handle it, like me, here's their new album on Amazon, called Up, On & Over! Go jam to some energetic guys named Bronze Radio Return, who have got the right indie and folk sounds!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If Feeling Alone, Just Remember We Are Lonesome Animals

                           Such a Lovely sound!                              via
Sorry about the inactivity friends! Shuckidarns..getting caught up in Summer. Needed to help you all out though so here's Somethang! Well...i was hoping i'd have more info on these lovely subjects. It's crazy how secretive this group is!! Next to impossible to find pictures, bio, let alone names! For starters, i know they work with William Fitzsimmons, or did in the past.

Especially for this album, Soft Light, he had a pretty big hand in it i'm pretty sure. In other words, if you like that Fitzsimmons but would like a female version..holy..shmokes. Have you found it!

Frankly, the only reason i know of these pretty mellow voices and sounds is because of Fitzsimmons! If it weren't for him...whew. Don't know how long it'd be before i'd hear of them, let alone find them online! Lonesome Animals don't even have a standard facebook page if you look at the URL. Naturally, not having much out there on the World Wide Web, their 'likes' are Far from where they should be!

Think of it as more of that stuff to just..relax to. Go to sleep to, lie to and hope you don't fall asleep during, or any number of activities..ahem. It can be sorta' folk, with an ambient touch most likely as well. Tuneage. That's what it is.

Their excuse for not going on tour yet is needing somebody to take care of their plants?! Shoot..i'd be more than honored and Thrilled to do that if i could meet them and attend a show! Please take a listen and...take it Easy.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

You Haven't Heard of The Likes Of Us?!

                 It's an over the moon sound!           via
Guess what time it is? Oh yes. Gotta' love these dynamic duos right?! i Know, i know. Before i forget, head to that fantastic tune donating site and download their album "The Likes of Us." Then close this page and listen..and..wish your life was as fun as those sounds.. Oh excuse me! You can keep reading if you'd like...naturally.

On their show, i asked if they want me to say anything specific on this here site. They replied, "Hmm, good question... That we're ridiculously good looking..?" Obviously they have a great sense of humor. Of course that's far from all there is about these two.

Honestly, these two are so far up on my list of Best duos i put them up there with Little & Ashley. The Likes Of Us has got that flawlessly over the moon sound. It only makes sense as they say a big influence has been the 1940s-- a euphoric time period, i think!

Besides being filled with talent, joy, and lyrics inspired by some golden years, their songs contain quite a bit of acoustic guitar pickin'/strummin', some orchestra infusion, light drum smatterings, and more.

i Know they would appreciate your support, so believe me when i don't have to listen to samples of their music before you download that free album. It's just... Worth it! In all the meanings of that word, "worth!" Got me?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

If Lacking Color in Life, Please See The Colourist

                   Only two songs available? Stink.                    via
From the place i was born (Orange County, CA) comes an indie group that just..blows the socks way off! A little unsure of where to begin because i'm just...way too stinkin' proud i'm from that OC!

But, more importantly, the chunes! So yeah, there's both female and male vocals that rule so much and of course some good ol' electric guitar happy strums are found all over this band. And it's kinda' rockish, but they like to call it "majestic rock." It's just..too fun and catchy.

To compare this band, one might consider Hey Ocean! or Paper Route somewhat.. But then, sometimes like in their song "Yes Yes,"States might come to mind! However, these comparisons...pretty trivial when you think about their pure talent and unique Feels!

Well folks, have to bring sad news..followed by lighter news to look out for in the future.. This band pretty much only has two songs to listen to. Stink. i Know. However, their music video is here for their song "Little Games!" Worth it why? Because you can also read an interview that's enthralling. Girl-singer+drummer FTW!!! *wink*

Although this band sounds as good as they do, of course how many 'likes' do you think they have?! Just about 5.6K! Terrible i know. Please go love, i mean 'like' The Colourist on old facebook and here's to hoping for more tunes "soon!"

Friday, May 17, 2013

If Thirsty for More Indie, Try [a] Mint Julep!

                       It's a nifty intermixing of sorts!                         via
ANOther duo? Well sort of! In other words, you hear pretty much solely the female vocals in this group. However, they work together to be mixer/producer/writer and her husband Keith Kenniff does a Good portion of it...he's quite the character, for the lack of a better description.

"Character" may just be perfect however because he is all over the place. Don't believe me? Go to and Explore! You'll realize quickly just how much "all over" he really is.

The sound of this particular group is a little like a mixture of States and Feather & Belle. Here's why, of course the pretty vocals connect, and then guitar or synth comes in and makes it, well. In the vocals there is a sort of echoing that occurs that give it a more electronic sound and the synths only add to this.

But, it can also be pretty wild with electric guitar and some fun crashing beats. Just go over to Keith Kenniff's Soundcloud page and listen to "Aviary"...ahah..or download it at that page as well!

(Tip: There are other free downloads all over that page! Check 'em out please! If you aren't TOO keen on some MJ, than check out his incredibly ambient and magical projects like Goldmund or Helios!)

They call it an "electronic indie rock" because of all the electric sounds that can be so prominent and the overall harder sound to the project. It's a nifty intermixing of sorts and i'm sure you'll like it! The Mint Julep facebook page is regrettably not thriving with 'likes,' so feel free and listen away!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not just a Phoenix, but a Nonaphoenix!

                  It's a distinct and rare blend!                    via
Does this guy look familiar? Well, shoot i can't help it. i Like following a few artists and this guy fronted the late (*sniff*) Heyhihello. Certainly a pretty poppy sound, but this Nonaphoenix is..a Different story!

Still the same vocals that you loved (if you've heard of his other project which broke up last year), but this a lot more of a folk/indie sound!

Of course with nice folk, there's gotta' be a banjo and yes, there is. It's quite good, to be Sure. In fact, if you want to dive right into the banjo sound, check out "Ghosts." If you're looking for that happy sound, look no further. Jakub uses Nonaphoenix as a perfect outlet for just that.

What's the neatest about this project is that, if you liked his other project, it's not a complete change. He's calling it "pop and folk" which is quite a distinct and rare blend.

Please go 'like' his facebook page. i'm positive of two pieces of information: he only has less than a thousand 'likes' and he would greatly appreciate the support. So, delight yourself in some mo' folk-indieness!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wishing to Travel to the The Gray Havens

                            Their sound is just put Together!                      via
Another duo?? Pretty dang much friends! And there's even more good news. Wait what?! More good news you say? Affirmative. Their EP Where Eyes Don't Go is FREE. So hurry over, go download and dance away..or not...and read this instead.

Now i have to be honest in saying: if you're looking for a duo with a perfect balance of the girl and guy singing, The Gray Havens has more of the guy's voice. However, you can hear harmonies in a few songs, and vocals in the verses of a song with the prettier one (well, come on now, i am quite Straight and she is fine am i right??) in a song called "Let's Get Married." It's soo...cheerful!

Their sound though is so, put Together. In fact, the guy, Dave, kinda' reminds me of Jeff Carl at times! So if you liked him, check these two out as well! They can be acoustic, piano, horns, ukelele, cymbals, etc.!! It can sorta' be all over the place, in a grand way!

In closing, their name is a cool story and you can read about it on their webpage at! Hint: Thoughts of Lord of the Rings is not too far off! Haha..

So yeah, another wife and husband duo, but i think i can't get enough of those, so get used to it (Nono, don't worry i'll continue to review other obscure ones but i like the idea of a husband/wife duet because well..maybe i'm just hoping for that in the future...ahh).

Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Out West With Wesley Blaylock

           Soft and sad-happy, but melodious and Indie!      vie
i'm hopeful this guy looks familiar to you? If you've heard of Deas Vail, then you're in the clear because Wes is their lead singer! What's really neat is, his wife (Laura) plays with him in the band and is featured in his solo EP on the song "Falling Over You!" Go right ahead and stream it on that great old website!

If you're streaming it, you can tell something is certainly different about this guy. He sings in a sort of falsetto that is wickedly High. But, isn't it talent-infused-goodness?? He knows how to carry and push his voice wayY up there and somehow..make it sound terrific!

Basically, it's safe to say, by downloading this you will have a singer/songwriter that not many know about and sounds different than everybody else. i Like his voice because it's a pure, emotional soft, but high sound. It can go above the instruments well and fits well with his music.

Speaking of instruments, what is expected? Well his solo work is quite a bit different than his band's, but they're both so GOOD. If you're more into finding something to jam to, than check out Deas Vail. If you want something to listen to on a rainy day or fall asleep to, than check out the EP! It's got a lot more just acoustic guitar and soft drum beats.

Please check out this man, Wesley Blaylock. He may be soft and sad-happy, but it is definitely a melodious indie sound that should be discovered!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Erase the Marks and Get Scars On 45

           They've got an accent and it sounds terrific!         via
Here we go, yet another upbeat group but with those female vocals that can just..make the band, Great! If the lady, in the back-middle looks familiar it's because she's offered her voice in several different projects and songs. For example, if you've heard of Joshua Radin, she sings with him on a few songs and has accompanied him in a few performances!

Speaking of this Aimee, she can just,.."sang!" She's got this dreamy sort of voice that's quite pleasant to listen to and often is harmonizing prettily. The other vocalist is the guy in the front, and like the rest of them, is from England. So yes, they've got an accent and it sounds terrific. So there.

In listening to them, they've got more of a rock sound but one that sometimes is kind of soft-rock. If you want to hear a song mainly with Aimee, listen to "Change My Needs." It's really peaceful and might be a sad song, but a wonderful one! If you want to hear more of the full band noise, check out "Give Me Something"

What's also neat is that sometimes this band reminds of the old, good Snow Patrol. (Yes, "old, good" because i really like the old Snow Patrol stuff..classic. "Insecurity" has an element or two with an SP sound!) In other words, they've got incredible drums and electric guitar that soar in the songs.

While the 'likes' are close to 20,000...they aren't there yet and need a lot more recognition for how great they are! Scars On 45 might have struggled in England, but i hope they can fly up to the top in the U.S. Give this group more than a chance, cheers!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

While En Route, Why Not Doing a Paper Route?

             They have your electronic rock jams down pat!              via
Yowch, here's a Band!! Looking for indie, exciting, electronic rock jams, maybe a little similar to States, minus the female vocals? i Think, i may be way off, but i'm pretty sure Paper Route is your go-to group.

They're making music in Nashville (like a lot of musicians), but these guys stand out in the mix of them all. Are they a little to popular to be on this site with just over 20K 'likes'? *sigh* Maybe.. However, are they unique and still not getting fame? Oh yes.

This band's sound can be quite diverse with all that's goin' on! i've mentioned its electronic element, but it's more than that. Much more. Mainly because there is an abundance of strings, guitar, drums, synth, piano, some sort of chimes/bells, and i'm probably just touching first base for what goes on in these tunes!

All in all, they've got such a powerful/packed-full sound! Sometimes it can be somewhat ambient with the electronic bits with piano, and other times it can be more of a rockish sound but almost poppy in a way! Real unique, if you can't tell already.

Well, i've posted their facebook link, so go for it! Their newest album, The Peace of Wild Things is only $6.99 and if you want to stream something right now, check out "Better Life" and..bob your head.. Or something! Just, be introduced to another great indie band who has my hopes up high!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Say Hi to The Oh Hello's!

        They know the direction they're headed in!            via
Hey! Er..hello! Hope you can check these two out real soon, Over at, hit up their free album and EP!! Sound good? Their first full-length is called Through the Deep, Dark Valley and if you don't want to download, just stream away as you read!

These two are brother and sister, come from Texas, and it's easy to tell they find great glee in making music together. In looking for a bio about them, that's about all i could find, but the music is what's important! Right? So on to it!

It's straightforward that these two are quite certain of the direction their headed in with their sound.  They've got the "indie" part down to a science and definitely have some folk-rock in there as well.

Instruments can include the guitar, naturally, but the banjo, accordion, and even viola can be found throughout their music. What's neat is, they claim that Irish music has played a role in their influences and that can really be seen! How many bands do you know that use That in their style?!

All this to stay.. The Oh Hello's are diverse with their slow-lullaby-fast-rock-folk-indie-ness and you should take a listen! The vocals can get one jazzed up or calm one down so well it's..beautiful. Please go say hello to these talented kids, they've earned a whole lot more publicity (even if they have surpassed 10K 'likes' in a few months)!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enjoying Carefree Jeff Carl

                           He's just plain smooth and content-like               via
Ah, here's a character. A friend of mine introduced me to this guy and i took an immediate liking to him. In talking about the music that comes from this talented man, my friend said, "Every time i listen to Jeff Carl i can't help but be in a happy mood; i just love to sing along with his music."

That about sums it up for this talented one. But in terms of his sound, i personally would describe it as just plain smooth and content-like. He's a multi-instrumentalist for sure playing keys and guitar!

To top it, he's got an amazing range! His vocals can be quite low and almost kind of a quiet talking, but then can be a kind of high pitched "Ooh!" sound. These two fit together like finding the last puzzle piece and putting it in.

i'm pretty sure the first song i heard by this guy, and the the one that exemplifies his talent best, is "I'll Be Gone Tomorrow." i Extremely encourage you all to check that out as well as the rest of the EP which is.... FREE! So please, go to Jeff Carl's facebook page and 'like' him. His lyrics, sound, and overall remarkableness make this guy a Real indie champ!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Add in Some [The] Spring Standards for..Spring!

          They are just Something else!            via
Spring started a few days i've been thinking, why not share some Spring Standards with you! In the Spring i am thoroughly fond of taking long walks in a breeze, eating outside on a cool patio, somersaulting down rolling hills of green.. No seriously. This group is something else!

They can churn out some great indie chunes! And i would say their sound is certainly indie because of the way they sing. Definitely some good ol' harmonies with male and female vocals, but the way it is put together and how it has that kind of, "old" sound?

Which makes since because one of their influences is The Beatles! It's really neat and i suggest hearing "Only Skin" and "Wildfire Forest!" Of course they've got music over at their Noisetrade page, so turn it up!

In addition to the vocals, they also have some piano, bells, guitar, drums, symbols, and more like mad! i'm quite sure their live show is quite the Show! Speaking of which, these guys were just touring with one of my top favorite indie bands called Jukebox the Ghost. i Would review these guys as well, because they've certainly got The Sound, but, they've got a pretty good following; i just hope they get bigger!

But please check out these Standards! They're such a good change of pace and should have a lot more fans!! i Would love to see their facebook 'likes' to go over 6K! Here's to the Spring and i hope your's includes some of these fun people!

A Sister Review with [a] Lowland Hum

This is going to be a little different from my other's why: i Have no idea who these two are and my sister is the one that found them! Lots of props to her. Please enjoy my sister's post about Lowland Hum! Meanwhile, i'm off to go download some serious..Hum's!!

"When Theo invited me to write a post for his blog, I couldn't decide where to start. Who are the 'undiscovered's' that I listen to? Who would I want to do a review of?

I get most of my music recommendations now from my little brother. It's pretty awesome because I can just sit back and listen to whatever he recommends! I think it used to be the other way around where I was the one finding the good music out there..... ;) [<--She nailed it here. Exactly what happened back in the day. Thanks sis, for starting me off right!]
Lowland Hum is just mind-blowing!    via

I went to a house show recently where a guy named Daniel Levi Goans played -- I had never heard of him before but he was showing up at my friend's house so of course I went to check him out! He played with his wife and the two of them together was an unbelievable combination. Their harmonies and melodies are mind-blowing. It's no wonder they decided this January to form a band together and now are known as Lowland Hum. These two (DLG and Lauren) are from North Carolina and got married in Feb. 2012. They are a "folk" duo with super great lyrics and mellow tunes. The way they get around the US is from house show to house show. You should sign up to host them!! They are so great live. Grab a free download and learn more about them at their Bandcamp page or main site here!

I have their BrotherStranger album which is fabulous and I highly recommend giving "How Long" a shot too.

So give them some love! Like them on Facebook please and track their travels down here. Did I mention Daniel's got the sweetest mustache?"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Beauty of Feather & Belle

Feather & Belle are pretty unique, but too pretty as well.     via
Now, who are these charming, stunning, bathed in talent ladies? First the one on the right, Laura, kills the violin in multiple acts including on tour with Owl City and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The one on the left, Kelsey, sings in the Kopecky Family Band as well as Feather & Belle. i'm quite sure they have a marvelous time together making music because it is beautiful what they have created.

i Do not know of another indie group that has strings so prevalent and so powerfully intermingled with vocals. It is such a neat, clean, pure, classical's hard to find enough words to describe it! Kelsey's voice intertwines phenomenally with the violin strokes, and sometimes plucking (which i cannot get enough of)!

Despite the popularity of the other projects these two are involved in, their own duo work has not received that boost yet! They have some great songs that show their diversity and talent like "Hidden Staircase" that can be found on the right of that page.  In addition there is certainly some synthesizer, but the strings always seem to just mix in so well. Here's to hoping another album is in the oven because...they've only put out "Pockets Run Deep" and us fans are ready!

i Have personally met Laura on more than one occasion at Owl City shows and i know she is genuinely nice and such a great person all around. Although i have yet to meet Kelsey, i know if she is anything like her best friend, she is right up there on my list of "Coolest Individuals." Please check out this pair as they are just..pretty unique, but too pretty as well..!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Sharp Twin Forks

                         Think: emotional-power-indie                          via
First off, does that guy with the acoustic and the hair and the tatts look a tad familiar? If not, do the lyrics, "Vindicated, i am selfish i am wrong, I am right I swear I'm right...!" ring any bells? If not, does the band Dashboard Confessional sound familiar?! If can stop reading. If you want..

i Guess we can kinda' sorta' maybe pretend you haven't heard of DC, but i'm feeling immensely sorry for you right now if you haven't heard of them. Anyway, that cool dude with the acoustic is named Chris Carrabba and he's fronted several projects including Further Seems Forever, DC, and now this Twin Forks and all of its amazingness.

If you know a bit about Carrabba, you'd know why this is such a brilliant li'l gig. He's moved from harder rock, to emo/acoustic tunes and now to folk!

Basically, to sum up this group, think emotional-power-indie! They've got the mandolin, guitar, harmonies and drums bangin' around! Why I say "emotional" is an excellent question and it can be answered by explaining how these guys are set apart from the others out there. When Carrabba sings, you can hear (and feel!) his passion. It's what i love about his singing capabilities.

If you like some folk with emotion, you've found the stinkin' band! Here's the bad news, there's only two songs out right now! Good news: One of them is free and called "Scraping Up the Pieces." Plus, new music is coming out "soon" so all we've gotta' do is...wait and,..cry. But, pleease go enjoy and 'like' them, because they need the support and deserve worlds more of attention.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Times With Ivan & Alyosha (Xmas edit-2020)

Somewhat of a this with fixed links, and of's CHRISTMAS TIME.
                                                      They are just smooth!                                        via

I'm sure you've heard of that now-famous group The Avett Brothers? Well, let me introduce you to something that's similar but with a little more of an indie twist! These guys know how to play some serious tunes with their folksy-indie-rocky sounds. Hailing from Seattle, they've released new music and you better get ahold of it!

They are absolute pro's at what they do and I find it unimaginable that they don't have a bigger following. 
They have quite a neat sound as noted already and it includes some amazing harmonies to great folk-rock guitars and drum beats. The vocalist is very prominent and can be heard easily over the instruments, but all in a way that smooths over nicely.

Enough with the chit-chat. It's time for Christmas. Their first Christmas song I found from I&A was this beauty, "Being Home for Christmas" and I had to track it down on Amazon... Now it's released to the masses, so go snag it and enjoy it.  

The lyrics while personal to the band (I imagine), seem to connect with me. Especially this year. There is going to be a stark difference this year, and I intend to be grateful for the memories I've had and the opportunity to make new ones in the future. 

I really hope you can go support this great group of indie goodness. They know what they're trying to play and they play it impeccably.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Expertise of One eskimO

                        They're simple and quirky!                         via
Ah, so peaceful. That's what could be said about this group. If you want something to fall asleep to, but still want that definite indie noise, you've found 'em! i Found these guys by searching on Amazon and getting their self-titled first album for $5 and immediately liking it. They have a simple and quirky sound, and as they're from the UK they stand out among other artists.

i Decided to post this picture because it really captures this kind of fantasy land they attempt to bring you to, especially if you watch 'The Adventures of One eskimO.' When they released their debut album, it wasn't long after that they decided to do a 10-part animated film to accompany the record..

Basically, it is so cool and just plain cute, i'm sure you'd enjoy these Adventures. The song featured in that first episode is "Astronauts" and was actually the first song i heard. It was an immediate favorite for me, so please go take a listen.

Their sound can vary from being quiet acoustic guitar, to piano, to electronic synthesizers and slow beats on some drums. Whatever the sound is on a particular song, i hope you take a liking to this foreign music and seek out more! One eskimO only have one LP and an EP or two, but we eager fans have high hopes for this year!

In the meantime, go look up this little group! Just don't if you're trying to finish some project; you might not want to be productive at all, and you might realize, "It's a funny old world, full of headaches in turn..."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

States Put You In a Great State

                                       States are ready to rock!                                   via
Copeland... Lydia... If you have finished heaving sighs of sadness about those two celebrated names, or at least one of them, you can continue reading. If you haven't heard of those two bands, well, i guess the bright side is that you didn't ever feel any remorse for either band when they broke up.

Basically, how States was formed was that when these two ended, two guitarists from Copeland met up with Mindy White from Lydia and the result is..(can't resist) Stately!! Think kinda' rock-ish with apparent indie-infusion throughout for understanding their sound. Fuzzy electric and pure electric guitar is all over this band, with drums casually smashing quite a bit in the background.

If you don't know anything about the White's singing power, well it's time to be acquainted! If you're into bands with strong female leads, you've found your favorite indie band without a doubt. She is unique and can hit those higher notes quite well. If you want to listen to softer songs, look up their EP (it's around it's just hard to find, try!) which i think is really good!

However, if you're desperate for tunes right now and you're ready to rock (so to speak), their album is Room to Run and i hope you'll find there is not only plenty of room to do just that, but to jump around and have a good time as well! While these guys have several 'likes' on the old social media hub that no one uses (facebook), they need the support like Hey Ocean! because they're that good and deserve more fans!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

These Bro's in BROTHERUN!

                                  BROTHERUN is all about chilling and fun!                                        via

Wait, how in the world did i find these guys (brothers to be exact), let alone pronounce their name?! Well shucks, i wish i could give you straightforward answers to both... i Think i found SPELLS on or and enjoyed it, so i followed up with it and it turns out that guy has a got a brother who is also into tunes.

They had a Kickstarter project goin' on and i jumped in. It was worth it, to say the least. As to how to pronounce their name, i'm still trying to figure it out a bit...but it's possible it's the same concept as the word brethren but with an o and an un sound?..hopefully that's not way off. (Edit: BROTHERUN told me, on facebook, that it is in fact brother run!)

There are so many components to these guys it's hard to know where to start. Harmonies might be a good place. Both of their vocals meld together really well making it quite, relaxing, to listen to! Their music can be very calm or a little upbeat but still maintaining that reflective sort of sound. Their lyrics are certainly contemplative as well and this is always welcome when you know nothing about some group.

Overall, this little band of brothers is all about chilling and having fun. They've got some electric guitar, electronic synthesizers, ambient sounds, and more. i Really encourage you to check out these guys and be on the lookout for their EP which has not had a wide release yet sadly (unless you were apart of their Kickstarter)..but write on their wall, 'like' them, something is bound to happen soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Minute Review of the Best Little & Ashley

                      L&A are just right!                               via
So, i'm sure you've heard of Amazon's Kindle, and seen those funny commercials which are normally in stop-motion...does the one on the left look a little familiar? Guess who that is?! Annie Little (now Ashley) who also sings on a lot of the advertisements for the Kindle! Her husband Marcus Ashley, pictured next to her (yes, he's a fortunate man..), also produces the songs with her and they have a sound which can light up any room.

Little & Ashley is a duo fit for kings and queens. Look up the words "cheerful" and "flair" in a dictionary and i'm pretty sure you'll find, "See 'Little & Ashley'" as proof this pair is a synonym of both words. The vocals are nothing short of just right and the instruments chosen are broad, as i'm sure you know if you've seen any of the commercials. Their sound ranges from soft synth beats and loops, to electric guitar rockin' out like in "Thousand Falling Stars" (Hint: no cost, free...)

In recent news, these two are parents! & they have a full length album coming out sooon!! i Know, too much to handle. i'm still trying to contain myself. In addition, this li'l group of merry but busy people are talented actors as well and have been in several commercials (not including Amazon), TV shows, and movies. To learn more, watch this video about their lives together.

i Had the huge pleasure of meeting them (couldn't go see them at their show not being 21 at the time, which stunk royally), and they are the most humble and nice individuals. So, go check these two out and 'like' them as their facebook numbers are too low (less than 3.5K) and start enjoying the best duo that ever was!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lot More to Just Jonathan Jones.
           J. Jones, the face of Talent                  via

Waking Ashland, We Shot The Moon, and his own solo stuff! This man plays the musics and knows what it's all about! Multi-instrumentalist including the piano and guitar, "Talent" is basically his middle name. The two bands listed above are both projects he was/is the lead singer of and does quite a superb job at it. If you haven't heard of Waking Ashland, sadly that band broke up, but never fear because We Shot The Moon (WSTM) is still kickin' it (new album out March 5!!), as well as Jones himself is churning out tunes on his own.

To be fair, WSTM has more of an alternative rock sort of sound. With that being said, i have to explain why this guy is on my site if his band's sound isn't too much indie.. Here's the kicker: The fact that he isn't well known makes him way indie! More importantly, his newest solo album Community Group sounds very much like an indie record and it's terrific, so please give it a listen!

As i've already explained, he is incredibly talented and it doesn't take a genius to realize this musician should have a lot more popularity by now. His lyrics are earthy and his sounds are addicting. Whether it's rockin' guitar riffs or slow piano ballads, it is so entertaining. Lastly, this guy is genuinely amazing at reaching his fans. i Participated in backing his Community Group project and ever since he enjoys replying to me on social media. That right there is not just a musician but someone you can call a friend. Oh, by the way, why not get some more free music: "Claim Me" by WSTM!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Striking About Jonathan Stark?
                            Stark plays a different tune                  via
Like The Novel Ideas, i've got to start with a download link to this guy's phenomenal album! Found on (so free of course), Medicine Bow is just one of those albums to put on when you're in that mood to sit back and think...or not think and just let the music pool. Granted, he's got quite a different sound to him, and it might take a few listens, but give it time! In fact, you know that coffee shop that's everywhere with the green sign and strange lady with the hair? They've certainly given him a chance and play him over their speakers! Neato, i think.

At first listen, some of his songs may seem almost flat! It is really a different tune, but that's what i love about this guy. He stands out from the crowd like crazy and that's the way i want to live my life. Well, i don't know if i'll be growing my hair out and getting inked, but i do appreciate Who this guy stands for and how his vocals are compared to other artists.

In terms of what his songs include instrumentally, it is certainly broad. There may be strings, simple acoustic guitars, melodic electric guitar riffs, chimes, to even harmonica on songs like "Comfort." Once again, i've chosen to review an artist that has less than a thousand fans on, so please go check him out, and chill out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How High on the List is Tall Bear?

                        They'll get one to Think!                                 via

Let me start by explaining it is not my intent to write about Christian artists as that would broaden this site too much. However, there are several that definitely have that "indie" sound to them and i think it's necessary to tell you about them if they don't have many fans but have plenty of potential and talent. In addition, it's important to point out that while the members of Tall Bear may be Believers, a lot of the lyrics are not explicitly Christian but get one to Think!

These two guys, naturally, have a really good sound. But, why else would i be writing about them? Mainly because they're unique with their song writing and the style of sAngin'! In talking about the latter first, the lead singer's vocals have a great range and this is something that is vital to an artist. In today's music industry, one cannot afford to sound too much like other artists as their ratings and their income will be significantly lower.

On the other hand, the Tall Bear's lyrics are profound. i Love artists that get me to not only learn the lyrics quick because they're catchy, but also when the artists write something that has the power to make me think when i'm not even listening to it! Of course the melodies and guitar riffs help, but when these other two (vocals and lyrics) are clearly so far above the average musicians and groups out there, it just..gets to me!

Please. Check out Tall Bear and their EP We Are Ships. They surprisingly have less than 200 'likes' and this saddens me. They should have at least 20 times least 70 times 7, times that measly 200.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking for a Great Idea? How 'Bout The Novel Ideas!

                         This a flawless idea                    via

Wait, what kind of idea is this? My fault, i meant, what kind of music is this? i'd love to tell you about The Novel Ideas. But, before we just dive right in, you know, head first and start swimming around with this idea, what if i propose an even better idea. Go download (for FREE, naturally) or stream their entire album Home right now. Good plan? i Thought so.

All right, enough of the silly, lame jokes about their obviously brilliant name.. This band does not have many fans at all according to the numbers on that unknown social media site called "facebook," only over a thousand likes. Bands like this blow my mind because they're extremely talented, yet not many people know about them! In terms of their sound, they have changed a good bit including their lineup, but like Hey Ocean!, this sound is better than ever. 

There is a bit of country twang on some songs, casually thrown in here and there, but please. Please do not get terrified when i say "country," i'm not huge on that genre either but what this band is, is really "folk!" Definitely a great sound with superb lyrics. 

What is also neat, is that the main members of the band all sing! If you're looking for an energized track check out "Promise" (the lyrics hit oddly&sadly quite close to home personally) and if you want a quieter one, have a listen to "Back and Forth." All in all, i hope you can help me, help them, tell the world about these talented souls. They know how to do "the musics!"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey Ocean! Exclamation Needed!
                              They're all just sO good!                                              via

Wow, what a group. If you are into some great harmonies with male and female vocals, and poppy yet indie sounds, you have found your band! Their own name and how it is written, "Hey Ocean!" captures the essence of what these talented individuals are up to. They are another phenomenal group of talented individuals from Canada just like Michael Bubl(e), LIGHTS, and Celine Dion. The band members all sing and play at least one instrument in every song which is more than neat. If that does not tell enough about their incredible talent, Ashleigh Ball is actually a successful voice actress as well!

So why did i choose to blog on this band first? There's quite a simple answer, actually! Their new album IS was just released yesterday (Jan. 29, 2013) for Americans, and i hope it becomes all the rage. i've been listening to it on repeat and i can't find my favorite song as they're all just sO good! 

In comparison to their previous two albums, it is a significantly different sound. However, i think it is a much better and more fun type of sound and really should be checked out. If you've never heard of these guys, please check out the songs "Islands," "Give," "Make a New Dance Up," and of course their most famous which is "Big Blue Wave." Their tunes can be quite mellow, but also extremely jazzed-up and might make you want to dance..and make a new one up!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome to U!

Oh hey there, so glad you could stop by!
My name is "theo," and i am extremely into two main fields that both play huge roles on this earth where i live. They include: my Savior and music. i Can't live without either one (especially the former!), and not capitalizing my I's and spelling my name with a lower case T is a constant reminder of Who i am living for. Secondly, music and finding new tunes to listen to is something i find immensely entertaining. As my reader, i hope you are into one of these two phenomena!

(Above picture: My iTunes library holding over 13 days of music. This is where i listen to the new found "chunes," as they say in Ireland!)

This blog is all about you and keeping you up to date with those artists or groups that do not have enough recognition, but deserve a whole lot. i Absolutely cannot get enough of promoting and sharing knowledge about musicians that fall under this category of being "unknown." With that being said, please comment on my posts about groups that you like and that may remind you of the one i am reviewing, so i can get "in the know" like you! These posts will not really focus on where i found the artists or what their personal names and relationship status is, but will seek to interest you so you can go out and share the knowledge with friends. Basically, be "that guy" that knows Talent that nobody else does and gets others interested as well. Personally, i can only do some singin' and li'l bit of harmonica; therefore, i am repetitively getting my mind blown by guitar or piano riffs, strange but talented vocals, and lyrics that make me melt inside. i Am going to be focusing on predominantly Indie artists with a smattering of electronic, folk, and the incredibly large genre known in iTunes as "Singer/Songwriter." In short, this blog is all for YOU and seeks to open your mind on to a less traveled path in the vast world of music.