Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Out West With Wesley Blaylock

           Soft and sad-happy, but melodious and Indie!      vie
i'm hopeful this guy looks familiar to you? If you've heard of Deas Vail, then you're in the clear because Wes is their lead singer! What's really neat is, his wife (Laura) plays with him in the band and is featured in his solo EP on the song "Falling Over You!" Go right ahead and stream it on that great old website!

If you're streaming it, you can tell something is certainly different about this guy. He sings in a sort of falsetto that is wickedly High. But, isn't it talent-infused-goodness?? He knows how to carry and push his voice wayY up there and somehow..make it sound terrific!

Basically, it's safe to say, by downloading this you will have a singer/songwriter that not many know about and sounds different than everybody else. i Like his voice because it's a pure, emotional soft, but high sound. It can go above the instruments well and fits well with his music.

Speaking of instruments, what is expected? Well his solo work is quite a bit different than his band's, but they're both so GOOD. If you're more into finding something to jam to, than check out Deas Vail. If you want something to listen to on a rainy day or fall asleep to, than check out the EP! It's got a lot more just acoustic guitar and soft drum beats.

Please check out this man, Wesley Blaylock. He may be soft and sad-happy, but it is definitely a melodious indie sound that should be discovered!


  1. I absolutely love his sound! It's perfect for a cloudy or rainy day like today or just to relax to with a cup of coffee. <3 Great pick Theo! :D
    -Katie <3

    1. Thanks so much for listening with open ears to this "unheard of" shtuff. i'm so glad you're liking it and giving me such positive comments! Thanks!

  2. Ok I must say I don't know who the group but I can say I do like Wes. He is very relaxing I could listen to all the time.


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