Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meager Fare is Far from a Meager Sound!

                                  Pleasant folk, who are more than pleasant!                   via
Please excuse the Serious Lag in my postage... However, while i've been away...holy shmokes,
have i got some tUnes to share! Coming from near where i'm finishing my undergrad life, is yet another good ol' find on NoiseTrade!

Welcome in some pleasant acoustic and folk sounds with Meager Fare's EP. Pretty sure that banjo is scattered in these guys' music, and it's just fine. Great harmonies too, that might make me want to sway and sing along with a smile.

When i was finishing up Summer '13, i couldn't stop giving "Alibi" a listen.. And, i participated in a give-away and won!! They were so nice and went out of their way to make sure i got my free TEE! Anyway, these guys deserve some more attention like crazy. Please go give them a 'LIKE' on that facebook page, and listen (and maybe sway?) away!