Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wishing to Travel to the The Gray Havens

                            Their sound is just put Together!                      via
Another duo?? Pretty dang much friends! And there's even more good news. Wait what?! More good news you say? Affirmative. Their EP Where Eyes Don't Go is FREE. So hurry over, go download and dance away..or not...and read this instead.

Now i have to be honest in saying: if you're looking for a duo with a perfect balance of the girl and guy singing, The Gray Havens has more of the guy's voice. However, you can hear harmonies in a few songs, and vocals in the verses of a song with the prettier one (well, come on now, i am quite Straight and she is fine am i right??) in a song called "Let's Get Married." It's soo...cheerful!

Their sound though is so, put Together. In fact, the guy, Dave, kinda' reminds me of Jeff Carl at times! So if you liked him, check these two out as well! They can be acoustic, piano, horns, ukelele, cymbals, etc.!! It can sorta' be all over the place, in a grand way!

In closing, their name is a cool story and you can read about it on their webpage at! Hint: Thoughts of Lord of the Rings is not too far off! Haha..

So yeah, another wife and husband duo, but i think i can't get enough of those, so get used to it (Nono, don't worry i'll continue to review other obscure ones but i like the idea of a husband/wife duet because well..maybe i'm just hoping for that in the future...ahh).

Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Out West With Wesley Blaylock

           Soft and sad-happy, but melodious and Indie!      vie
i'm hopeful this guy looks familiar to you? If you've heard of Deas Vail, then you're in the clear because Wes is their lead singer! What's really neat is, his wife (Laura) plays with him in the band and is featured in his solo EP on the song "Falling Over You!" Go right ahead and stream it on that great old website!

If you're streaming it, you can tell something is certainly different about this guy. He sings in a sort of falsetto that is wickedly High. But, isn't it talent-infused-goodness?? He knows how to carry and push his voice wayY up there and somehow..make it sound terrific!

Basically, it's safe to say, by downloading this you will have a singer/songwriter that not many know about and sounds different than everybody else. i Like his voice because it's a pure, emotional soft, but high sound. It can go above the instruments well and fits well with his music.

Speaking of instruments, what is expected? Well his solo work is quite a bit different than his band's, but they're both so GOOD. If you're more into finding something to jam to, than check out Deas Vail. If you want something to listen to on a rainy day or fall asleep to, than check out the EP! It's got a lot more just acoustic guitar and soft drum beats.

Please check out this man, Wesley Blaylock. He may be soft and sad-happy, but it is definitely a melodious indie sound that should be discovered!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Erase the Marks and Get Scars On 45

           They've got an accent and it sounds terrific!         via
Here we go, yet another upbeat group but with those female vocals that can just..make the band, Great! If the lady, in the back-middle looks familiar it's because she's offered her voice in several different projects and songs. For example, if you've heard of Joshua Radin, she sings with him on a few songs and has accompanied him in a few performances!

Speaking of this Aimee, she can just,.."sang!" She's got this dreamy sort of voice that's quite pleasant to listen to and often is harmonizing prettily. The other vocalist is the guy in the front, and like the rest of them, is from England. So yes, they've got an accent and it sounds terrific. So there.

In listening to them, they've got more of a rock sound but one that sometimes is kind of soft-rock. If you want to hear a song mainly with Aimee, listen to "Change My Needs." It's really peaceful and might be a sad song, but a wonderful one! If you want to hear more of the full band noise, check out "Give Me Something"

What's also neat is that sometimes this band reminds of the old, good Snow Patrol. (Yes, "old, good" because i really like the old Snow Patrol stuff..classic. "Insecurity" has an element or two with an SP sound!) In other words, they've got incredible drums and electric guitar that soar in the songs.

While the 'likes' are close to 20,000...they aren't there yet and need a lot more recognition for how great they are! Scars On 45 might have struggled in England, but i hope they can fly up to the top in the U.S. Give this group more than a chance, cheers!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

While En Route, Why Not Doing a Paper Route?

             They have your electronic rock jams down pat!              via
Yowch, here's a Band!! Looking for indie, exciting, electronic rock jams, maybe a little similar to States, minus the female vocals? i Think, i may be way off, but i'm pretty sure Paper Route is your go-to group.

They're making music in Nashville (like a lot of musicians), but these guys stand out in the mix of them all. Are they a little to popular to be on this site with just over 20K 'likes'? *sigh* Maybe.. However, are they unique and still not getting fame? Oh yes.

This band's sound can be quite diverse with all that's goin' on! i've mentioned its electronic element, but it's more than that. Much more. Mainly because there is an abundance of strings, guitar, drums, synth, piano, some sort of chimes/bells, and i'm probably just touching first base for what goes on in these tunes!

All in all, they've got such a powerful/packed-full sound! Sometimes it can be somewhat ambient with the electronic bits with piano, and other times it can be more of a rockish sound but almost poppy in a way! Real unique, if you can't tell already.

Well, i've posted their facebook link, so go for it! Their newest album, The Peace of Wild Things is only $6.99 and if you want to stream something right now, check out "Better Life" and..bob your head.. Or something! Just, be introduced to another great indie band who has my hopes up high!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Say Hi to The Oh Hello's!

        They know the direction they're headed in!            via
Hey! Er..hello! Hope you can check these two out real soon, Over at, hit up their free album and EP!! Sound good? Their first full-length is called Through the Deep, Dark Valley and if you don't want to download, just stream away as you read!

These two are brother and sister, come from Texas, and it's easy to tell they find great glee in making music together. In looking for a bio about them, that's about all i could find, but the music is what's important! Right? So on to it!

It's straightforward that these two are quite certain of the direction their headed in with their sound.  They've got the "indie" part down to a science and definitely have some folk-rock in there as well.

Instruments can include the guitar, naturally, but the banjo, accordion, and even viola can be found throughout their music. What's neat is, they claim that Irish music has played a role in their influences and that can really be seen! How many bands do you know that use That in their style?!

All this to stay.. The Oh Hello's are diverse with their slow-lullaby-fast-rock-folk-indie-ness and you should take a listen! The vocals can get one jazzed up or calm one down so well it's..beautiful. Please go say hello to these talented kids, they've earned a whole lot more publicity (even if they have surpassed 10K 'likes' in a few months)!