Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sugar + the Hi-lows If You Have a Sweet Tooth!

                                      Here's a happy duo!                          via
Thought it was about time for another duo! Amy Stroup or Trent Dabbs? Talented solo artists? Put 'em together and what do you think you'll get? Pure fun and games..with something sweet! These two know how to make you smile, that's for sure.

This duo likes the "oldie" sound and pull it off fantastically. Maybe some elements of the popular She & Him, but i like these two better. They've got a sort of old rock-pop sound, that works well with their voices. Take a listen over at my favorite site, NoiseTrade of course!

If you know these two separately, then you know that they stand out from among other vocalists..what's so neat, is that together they still sound s0 great and complement each other just right. Give "Two Day High" a listen to find out what i mean. For me, Sugar + the Hi-lows is just what one needs for a pick-me-up (if people still say that?). Please go give 'em a hand with some 'likes', and why not dance while you're at it?!