Monday, September 2, 2013

A Wayfarer (Pacific Gold) Away from The Begging Sea

               Hymns with a twist!           via
So guys, you remember how Sherwood broke up and we were all crushed? Well, the good news is that the tunes go on!! It is survived by Dan's project Wayfarer (now called Pacific Gold) and Nate's project called The Begging Sea. Quite different from each other, but please check them both out!

For Wayfarer, it's about taking old hymns and such, and putting a new twist on them. It's an experience and one you don't want to miss out on Try the rendition of "Alas and Did My Savior Bleed?" and see how the tune is a good bit different...but, the words haven't changed!

Of course, the familiar vocals of half of Sherwood are there and fit well in the new melodies of the old classic. Some hymns are a tad rock sounding, but others can be a lot more soft or folk sounding. There's something about hymns that i like, but these new sounds make them work even better. Please go explore, and worship with him!
           An emotional ride begins...     via
Meanwhile on the open seas, Nate's band also has free, melodious music swimming around. A music video of' the song "Lightly Stepping" is a great representation of his sound. However, heh, as you might have seen if you clicked that link..there's much more.

Nate's vocals come through powerfully and take the listener on an emotional ride that might just force misty eyes. Some songs seem to have that Sherwood influence and it makes me smile and wish for the olden days. But that is the past and we have to move on...while occasionally clicking play on some classic Sherwood. Ahah.

Anyway, please enjoy and share! Both of these talented guys really need the attention and deserves a lot more as neither of the facebook pages have reached 2,000 yet!