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So glad you came to this page. Honestly, it makes me smile to know you clicked that "Sources for tUnes" because, it's possibly the best decision you've made if you're into saving money but love music. Of course there is always YouTube to find strange, unheard of bands or people trying to make it big, but you might be like me who did that a lot or Pandora Radio everyday and want some new methods. Granted these are both FREE, but...advertising...? i Don't have time for that either. So, the following is a short list (but healthy list) of sites that will help you find more tunes and save: Time and that cash for gas or whatever else sucks your pockets/wallets/purses dry.

Ahh, what a website. On this website artists and groups actually post their own work so you can stream, or if the artist wants to, for download! The best method for finding a specific artist's page on Soundcloud (as there are hundreds of usernames that use variations of the real artist's name to get "plays") is to Google search the group or artist's name + the word "soundcloud." This should pull up the real username quickly and you won't have to surf through lots of fake ones.

Goodness gracious, this one is too good. Basically, Soundcloud on steroids. Plain and simple. Why? Mainly because you can sometimes download whole albums and/or stream all the songs offered, before you download it! It also has information on the artist/band, and similar or significant artists who inspired the one you are looking at. Last point which is neat is that you can "Tip" an artist money if you like what you hear! Please, enjoy.

This place has a little bit of both Soundcloud and Noisetrade. It's got interviews of artists, galleries, live performances, backgrounds, and of course free streaming and/or downloads! Sometimes an artist may be on Briterevolution but not on Noisetrade, or vice versa so it is good to check all the avenues possible before you go buying shtuff.

What fun! Yes, most of the time you have to pay for what you want desperately...however, you aren't ready for this. Unlike that dreadful iTunes, when a song is "$0.99," on Amazon it actually is $0.99!! They also have lots of popular songs for $0.50 or $0.89! To top that, there are entire albums (once again, popular albums mind you) starting at $2.99! This is insane because you can get carried away easily with buying all kinds of amazing music that you otherwise would end up paying too much elsewhere. One last note before i stop raging about Amazon MP3. There are a lot of ways to search for music in the MP3 store and it's crucial to figure out what works best for you. Don't be afraid to sift through the free songs because you never know when you will find an absolute gem (like when i found L&A!).

Admittedly, the prices on Bandcamp may be a little more than Amazon sometimes, but what is so neat is when you buy from artists/bands on this site, you're actually supporting the artist the most! They're getting a lot more of your money directly which is a really nice thought, especially if you can't get enough of them. However, ahah, you can also stream a lot of the music if the musicians have decided to make this possible and even download...for...FREE! i Love free music..have i said this enough yet?

This last, not frequently traveled enough, route is one where you cannot necessarily download music, but, you can attend concerts! This site blows my mind. You see, artists who do not have that notoriety to be touring the world can do a living room show or house show or whatevah, and.. Play live music! You can buy "Notes" which get you a ticket to a performance and then during the show you can "Tip" them notes. The best part? Each note is only $0.10. Yep, a stinking dime!! Unreal yeah? What about an entire show from a favorite artist and the ticket price is...any amount you want?! Essentially, you can attend by paying just $0.10. Sweet. Sad news: Not enough artists know about this site so you've got a job to do. Ask the artists you like to hurry up and hop on this site so you can see them!

This is all for now, but thanks for checking these out. It's really worth it as you'll soon see if you haven't already. Keep listening folks!

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