Monday, March 23, 2015

My Name is (not) You, but Someday Soon..

So much classiness. via 
While i love linking you to free music, it's always good to remember that: it's crucial to buy this amazing music as well. Artists need to they can keep making music, of course!! So feed them, the poor incredible people. This is a band that must eat..because. If you don't think so, may just be..wrong.

Check out "Fortunate Ones" which is the first song i heard and immediately thought it was more than enjoyable. Once i decided to buy their full-length record, my heart just..was going to say "melts," but i feel that cliché won't do it justice, so my heart actually falls, cracks and shatters into tiny pieces in a happy and understanding heap when i hear "One Good Reason."

Why is this duo so far up on my list of best duo's ever? Maybe it's the harmonies and honest lyrics. Maybe it's the indie and folksy sounds. Maybe it's the..plain, sweet accented (she's from Scotland!) talentful (yes, here that's a word) little group whoM i got to meet while they were backing up Joshua Radin on his tour. Please, dive into My Name Is You, they need your support and are too incredible for words.