Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lot More to Just Jonathan Jones.
           J. Jones, the face of Talent                  via

Waking Ashland, We Shot The Moon, and his own solo stuff! This man plays the musics and knows what it's all about! Multi-instrumentalist including the piano and guitar, "Talent" is basically his middle name. The two bands listed above are both projects he was/is the lead singer of and does quite a superb job at it. If you haven't heard of Waking Ashland, sadly that band broke up, but never fear because We Shot The Moon (WSTM) is still kickin' it (new album out March 5!!), as well as Jones himself is churning out tunes on his own.

To be fair, WSTM has more of an alternative rock sort of sound. With that being said, i have to explain why this guy is on my site if his band's sound isn't too much indie.. Here's the kicker: The fact that he isn't well known makes him way indie! More importantly, his newest solo album Community Group sounds very much like an indie record and it's terrific, so please give it a listen!

As i've already explained, he is incredibly talented and it doesn't take a genius to realize this musician should have a lot more popularity by now. His lyrics are earthy and his sounds are addicting. Whether it's rockin' guitar riffs or slow piano ballads, it is so entertaining. Lastly, this guy is genuinely amazing at reaching his fans. i Participated in backing his Community Group project and ever since he enjoys replying to me on social media. That right there is not just a musician but someone you can call a friend. Oh, by the way, why not get some more free music: "Claim Me" by WSTM!

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