Sunday, February 24, 2013

States Put You In a Great State

                                       States are ready to rock!                                   via
Copeland... Lydia... If you have finished heaving sighs of sadness about those two celebrated names, or at least one of them, you can continue reading. If you haven't heard of those two bands, well, i guess the bright side is that you didn't ever feel any remorse for either band when they broke up.

Basically, how States was formed was that when these two ended, two guitarists from Copeland met up with Mindy White from Lydia and the result is..(can't resist) Stately!! Think kinda' rock-ish with apparent indie-infusion throughout for understanding their sound. Fuzzy electric and pure electric guitar is all over this band, with drums casually smashing quite a bit in the background.

If you don't know anything about the White's singing power, well it's time to be acquainted! If you're into bands with strong female leads, you've found your favorite indie band without a doubt. She is unique and can hit those higher notes quite well. If you want to listen to softer songs, look up their EP (it's around it's just hard to find, try!) which i think is really good!

However, if you're desperate for tunes right now and you're ready to rock (so to speak), their album is Room to Run and i hope you'll find there is not only plenty of room to do just that, but to jump around and have a good time as well! While these guys have several 'likes' on the old social media hub that no one uses (facebook), they need the support like Hey Ocean! because they're that good and deserve more fans!

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