Wednesday, February 20, 2013

These Bro's in BROTHERUN!

                                  BROTHERUN is all about chilling and fun!                                        via

Wait, how in the world did i find these guys (brothers to be exact), let alone pronounce their name?! Well shucks, i wish i could give you straightforward answers to both... i Think i found SPELLS on or and enjoyed it, so i followed up with it and it turns out that guy has a got a brother who is also into tunes.

They had a Kickstarter project goin' on and i jumped in. It was worth it, to say the least. As to how to pronounce their name, i'm still trying to figure it out a bit...but it's possible it's the same concept as the word brethren but with an o and an un sound?..hopefully that's not way off. (Edit: BROTHERUN told me, on facebook, that it is in fact brother run!)

There are so many components to these guys it's hard to know where to start. Harmonies might be a good place. Both of their vocals meld together really well making it quite, relaxing, to listen to! Their music can be very calm or a little upbeat but still maintaining that reflective sort of sound. Their lyrics are certainly contemplative as well and this is always welcome when you know nothing about some group.

Overall, this little band of brothers is all about chilling and having fun. They've got some electric guitar, electronic synthesizers, ambient sounds, and more. i Really encourage you to check out these guys and be on the lookout for their EP which has not had a wide release yet sadly (unless you were apart of their Kickstarter)..but write on their wall, 'like' them, something is bound to happen soon!

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