Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Expertise of One eskimO

                        They're simple and quirky!                         via
Ah, so peaceful. That's what could be said about this group. If you want something to fall asleep to, but still want that definite indie noise, you've found 'em! i Found these guys by searching on Amazon and getting their self-titled first album for $5 and immediately liking it. They have a simple and quirky sound, and as they're from the UK they stand out among other artists.

i Decided to post this picture because it really captures this kind of fantasy land they attempt to bring you to, especially if you watch 'The Adventures of One eskimO.' When they released their debut album, it wasn't long after that they decided to do a 10-part animated film to accompany the record..

Basically, it is so cool and just plain cute, i'm sure you'd enjoy these Adventures. The song featured in that first episode is "Astronauts" and was actually the first song i heard. It was an immediate favorite for me, so please go take a listen.

Their sound can vary from being quiet acoustic guitar, to piano, to electronic synthesizers and slow beats on some drums. Whatever the sound is on a particular song, i hope you take a liking to this foreign music and seek out more! One eskimO only have one LP and an EP or two, but we eager fans have high hopes for this year!

In the meantime, go look up this little group! Just don't if you're trying to finish some project; you might not want to be productive at all, and you might realize, "It's a funny old world, full of headaches in turn..."

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