Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Striking About Jonathan Stark?
                            Stark plays a different tune                  via
Like The Novel Ideas, i've got to start with a download link to this guy's phenomenal album! Found on (so free of course), Medicine Bow is just one of those albums to put on when you're in that mood to sit back and think...or not think and just let the music pool. Granted, he's got quite a different sound to him, and it might take a few listens, but give it time! In fact, you know that coffee shop that's everywhere with the green sign and strange lady with the hair? They've certainly given him a chance and play him over their speakers! Neato, i think.

At first listen, some of his songs may seem almost flat! It is really a different tune, but that's what i love about this guy. He stands out from the crowd like crazy and that's the way i want to live my life. Well, i don't know if i'll be growing my hair out and getting inked, but i do appreciate Who this guy stands for and how his vocals are compared to other artists.

In terms of what his songs include instrumentally, it is certainly broad. There may be strings, simple acoustic guitars, melodic electric guitar riffs, chimes, to even harmonica on songs like "Comfort." Once again, i've chosen to review an artist that has less than a thousand fans on, so please go check him out, and chill out!

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