Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Erase the Marks and Get Scars On 45

           They've got an accent and it sounds terrific!         via
Here we go, yet another upbeat group but with those female vocals that can just..make the band, Great! If the lady, in the back-middle looks familiar it's because she's offered her voice in several different projects and songs. For example, if you've heard of Joshua Radin, she sings with him on a few songs and has accompanied him in a few performances!

Speaking of this Aimee, she can just,.."sang!" She's got this dreamy sort of voice that's quite pleasant to listen to and often is harmonizing prettily. The other vocalist is the guy in the front, and like the rest of them, is from England. So yes, they've got an accent and it sounds terrific. So there.

In listening to them, they've got more of a rock sound but one that sometimes is kind of soft-rock. If you want to hear a song mainly with Aimee, listen to "Change My Needs." It's really peaceful and might be a sad song, but a wonderful one! If you want to hear more of the full band noise, check out "Give Me Something"

What's also neat is that sometimes this band reminds of the old, good Snow Patrol. (Yes, "old, good" because i really like the old Snow Patrol stuff..classic. "Insecurity" has an element or two with an SP sound!) In other words, they've got incredible drums and electric guitar that soar in the songs.

While the 'likes' are close to 20,000...they aren't there yet and need a lot more recognition for how great they are! Scars On 45 might have struggled in England, but i hope they can fly up to the top in the U.S. Give this group more than a chance, cheers!

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