Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not just a Phoenix, but a Nonaphoenix!

                  It's a distinct and rare blend!                    via
Does this guy look familiar? Well, shoot i can't help it. i Like following a few artists and this guy fronted the late (*sniff*) Heyhihello. Certainly a pretty poppy sound, but this Nonaphoenix is..a Different story!

Still the same vocals that you loved (if you've heard of his other project which broke up last year), but this a lot more of a folk/indie sound!

Of course with nice folk, there's gotta' be a banjo and yes, there is. It's quite good, to be Sure. In fact, if you want to dive right into the banjo sound, check out "Ghosts." If you're looking for that happy sound, look no further. Jakub uses Nonaphoenix as a perfect outlet for just that.

What's the neatest about this project is that, if you liked his other project, it's not a complete change. He's calling it "pop and folk" which is quite a distinct and rare blend.

Please go 'like' his facebook page. i'm positive of two pieces of information: he only has less than a thousand 'likes' and he would greatly appreciate the support. So, delight yourself in some mo' folk-indieness!

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