Friday, June 28, 2013

Bronze Radio Return Needs to Arrive on the Radio!

                      Some energetic sounds, but the Right ones!                      via
Oh this band! i Don't really want to write too much about this amazing band. i Feel you'll be able to fill it all in when you download this free sample. It's called A Bit of Bronze and it's just..too stinkin' good.

Seriously, these guys are a bigger band, but their sound! Not only banjo, but i'm talkin' harmonica too! Acoustic guitar, harmonies, crashing drums, swinging electric guitar, and on and on! What else do you need to know? That i'm hoping to see these guys live because i know it will be breathtaking?

Honestly, you've got the link to the free stuff. If you just can't handle it, like me, here's their new album on Amazon, called Up, On & Over! Go jam to some energetic guys named Bronze Radio Return, who have got the right indie and folk sounds!

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