Sunday, May 4, 2014

Can't Even.. Carousel!!

  Music you can do anything to-- happy chilling          via
And now for something completely different. Lookin' for something to dance to? Hang out to? Drive/wash the dishes/vacuum/pack/travel/dance/sing/bang the steering wheel to? You've found it.

These guys come from California, and while these guys have more than 10K 'likes' on facebook...they're not on the top 40 yet and it's killing me. These guys have a "chill" sound and it's just too groovy to pass up!

Carousel's song "Another Day" is quite the jam and will introduce you well to the group. However, i first heard them through a remix of their song called "Let's Go Home" by Sound Remedy. What a choon my friends. But look these guys up please. Support as much as you can, they'd appreciate it and i'm hopeful for a new album this year!

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