Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Times With Ivan & Alyosha

                                                      They are just smooth!                                        via
i'm sure you've heard of that now famous group The Avett Brothers? Well, let me introduce you to something that's similer but with a little more of indie twist! These guys know how to play some serious tunes with their folksy-indie sounds. Hailing from Seattle, you might not think these guys can pull off the sound they do, but you would be mistaken.

They are absolute pro's at what they do and i find it unimagenable that they don't have a bigger following. When they're first full length record came out, iTunes chose their song "Running for Cover" for the iTunes Free Single of the week and yet their fans on facebook only number less than 6,000!

 They have quite a neat sound as noted already and it includes some amazing harmonies to great folk-rock guitars and simple drum beats. The vocalist is very prominent and can be heard easily over the instruments, but all in a way that smooths over nicely.

Some singers just can't quite get "it," in that they often times are drowned out or have voices which are too stark in contrast with their instruments. This is a group that gets it perfectly. The harmonies melding with the melody and then connecting just right to the instrumental part is how it should be done, and frankly I&A get this.

i Really hope you can go support this great group of indie goodness. They know what they're trying to play and they play it impeccably.

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  1. From reading your post this band seems like a really good group, Im gonna have to look them up now.


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